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My Unemployment Experience

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My Unemployment Experience

Being in the construction industry most of my life, there was a time in which the economy took a downturn. I was laid off from the company I was working for, so I went home. My usual action would be to go directly to the unemployment office to sign up for benefits. This time I did not do that, so I let a couple of days go by, and then my wife said, “Curtis, you better get down to the unemployment office and sign up” for benefits. I thought nay, I did not feel like I should at that time, so I waited for the next day, and then I went.

When I got there the line into the building went out the door and around the corner, I was not happy. The DMV, and unemployment office is a nightmare, no matter what time you go.

When I got in line, and I noticed a very tall lady about 5 people in front of me, and she was wearing a very short mini skirt with net stockings and she had long blond hair. She turned around to see how long the line had gotten behind her, and when I saw her face I could tell this lady has had a very hard life, and not only that it looked like she had a very hard night.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “ I want you to go, and tell her about me”, I thought to myself, “I am not getting out of this line to talk to anybody” Then I thought, “maybe I should do what the Lord is telling me to do”, so I made a deal with the Lord, I said, “ this is what I will do, I will stay in line, and when I am done, if that lady is still around I will go and talk to her about you” I was really hoping she would be gone, and out of sight by then. The Lord did not say anything else to me, so I guess we had a deal.

After I finished my business I looked around in the building and outside and did not see this lady anywhere. I thought, “oh well”, and started heading back to my car. As I got to the street, I saw a car parked next to the curb with the passenger door wide open. I looked inside and there was this lady. She was laying down in the front seat with her legs sticking out the door.

I guess she had nowhere to go. I tapped on the roof of her car, and I said, “Excuse me mam, but, I think the Lord wants me to talk to you.” She sat up immediately and tears began to roll down her face. I thought, “Oops, I guess that was not the Lord talking to me”

As I started to leave she said to me, “Wait..wait..and she began telling me about the night before. She said, “ I was in my motel room and I was very depressed. I was clicking through all the TV channels with the remote, and I came across a preacher on TV, and the preacher said Jesus loves you” then this lady said to herself if Jesus really loves me, then send someone to me and tell me about you”

I was shocked and surprised at her telling me this. So I opened my mouth and began to tell her about Jesus and how to get saved. I prayed with her to receive Jesus into her heart. Then I asked her “do you have a Bible”, she said no. I said, “ I think I have one in my car you can have, I'll be right back”. I found a Bible in my back seat, but what I did not know was that the night before a cat got into my car and peed all over this Bible, and it smelled really bad. I went back, and gave it to her, and told her I am so sorry for the smell, but it's the only Bible I have with me.

She smiled and I noticed her face had changed completely from 20 minutes earlier. The glory of God was shining through her. She left, I left rejoicing knowing that If I had gone to the unemployment office a couple of days sooner this would never have happened. Thank you Jesus for such a blessing I will never forget!!
You know, I have made those deals with God also. Not right now Lord, but if You give me a sign....
Once I had a strong leading that I had to get up and go out onto the main road, turn left and keep walking until he told me to stop. I figured since I was married and responsible to take care of my wife, I shouldnt go if I truly loved my wife. I talked to God and said, I will go if you speak to my wife telling her I need to as well, then I would go. She didnt, so I stayed, but now, several years later, I have really bad feet problems, currently keeping me from working a full time job. I have to wonder.... and also, I have had this foot problem for a long time before that event ever happened. Not sure what to think, but I figure I deserve punishment if I did wrong, so I have no complaints about my foot problems.
I had that very same leading when I was young and single, I obeyed it, although grudgingly. Then after I had walked about 3/4 of a mile, the compulsion left me. I stood there wondering if I should keep going or not, so I decided to turn around and go back a few steps, then looked up, asking "Do you still want me to go, or were you just testing me?" No answer, so I keep going back wondering was God going to punish me for turning back. He didnt but blessed me in many ways. And fast forward to several years ago to my previous post. Was He testing me again? Did I fail? I dont know, but I know if I failed, its my own fault.
After this event had happened I thought back on what took place. I learned a very important lesson and that is this.

The Lord never told me to "talk to this lady right this second, right now" I just "assumed" in my mind that was what the Lord was telling me. It was not supposed to be up to me the when and how this would take place I was just to know it was going to happen.

So my wheeling, dealing with the Lord was just me. The human mind assumes too much as we try to add or take away what God actually says to us. Did the Lord know exactly what I was going to think and say? Absolutely! The end results came out how the Lord knew it would.

I now pay very close attention to what the Lord speaks to me, and never assume anything!