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my uncle died this morning



my uncle died this morning. He had a brain tumor. He lived a good long life.
can you pray for his wife Barb who is a christain and his sons Graham who isn't a christain and Ian. Ian is severely intellectually impaired. Ian is grown man who has a intellect of a 3 to 4 year old child. he is the one I am concerned about.
That he can understand and cope with what has happened.
I am still upset and numb.
hey XR you know i will be more than happy to raise up a prayer for Ian that He may have the understandinng of what has happened and that He can know that there is a better place where we go from here. My deepest condolenses for you and your family in this time of pain.

Your brother in Christ,
Lord please comfort the family in these days of grieving and bless xr6 and Barb and Graham and especially Ian in the upcoming time, I pray your word speaks truth and love and guidance how to continue in the family and carries them strongly while running through the numb and tearful time , Jesus I pray in Your name Amen :love:
Oh Brother I will pray for you for sure . I pray that our loving Father will give you grace and peace in your time of need . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
May God in His mercy comfort you all at this sorrowful time.May He Bless the innocent and reassure him that his dad is in Heaven.May his soul rest in peace.Amen.
You are in my prayers and Know that God will make a way. I am believing with you for a miracle in the life of this family. God will bless you for your sensitivity towards this family.......In His Name,
Staff Member
Our GOD is an awesome GOD. No one loves the people (us created by GOD) than the Creator GOD Himself. He understands the familie's position and the widow's difficulty ahead. I have a few mentally retarded members in my family (although large family) but they are of course treated with Godly love as all should be.

GOD is there with them. I will lift them up in prayer brother. Thank you for sharing this with us so we can pray for them.
xr6 :love:

Please know I am praying for you and this family very earnestly. God bless you for caring so much, and for sharing with us so that we may lift this up to the Lord. In the Love of Christ, CaliFlower :rose:
What a terribly hard thing for your family. I am constantly amazed and distressed by all the difficult things that can happen to people and families. It is so much harder when people have no faith. Sometimes ppl make committments in their dying minutes and others dont necessarily get to know. We can so definately declare that we are going to be with Jesus if we die because of making a committment but we can never declare that someone is not going to be with Jesus because we cant totally know what goes on for ppl.

I feel sad for you and your family and most especially your intellectually disabled cousin. May God comfort and bless him and all of you. We grieve with you. May God take your pain away and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.


Thank you for praying. Ian is adjusting well. we are so relieved. God is looking after him :)