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My true story..I think God sent me an angel..

It's almost midnight so I'll make this quick...

There was this girl who to me,was just another girl...She aggravated me a little,because she couldn't remember my name...But that too is forgiveable lol.Well anyway,after my dad died,she was somehow REALLY there for me..I don't know how or why.But she was...She listened to my problems,offered many a shoulder to cry on and stuff..I mean..Without her,I'd have probably been dead by now...

Now I'm not the kind of person that would open myself up to any and anyone,but somehow I tell her everything...I mean seriously...Wow...I tell her continuously that I don't know why,and she just smiles...There was one time though,when I asked her why she cared...And she gave me an answer that blew my mind away...She told me that she cared for me (yes,I needed to hear that from somebody) and that I'd do the same for her...(She has more faith in me than I do..)

All in all,I think she's my blessing...I really care for her alot,and thank God a lot that I had someone to open out to...Cuz it sucked being like how I was...

No words can escape me,
No heart can judge you,
Because you were there for me,
You saw me break down,
You saw my broken form,
My wings bleeding,
But you sat there-
And picked up the pieces.

A fall from grace,
Thank God you caught me,
Your smile so warm,
Your hug so gentle,
You're my hero,
I wish I could know you more,
But you don't see it
The same way.

You were the one that saved me,
Maybe,I just wish,
That I could return to it,
Peace in life's storms,
You told me that,I think,
If it weren't for you,
I'd be plotting suicide,
But you picked up the pieces.


For you my friend...Thank you for picking up my pieces...

*yes I wrote that*
awww....that poem is so touching...thanks for sharing!!!
its great to see that god gave you someóne by your side to talk to...

god bless
Thanks :D My friend is great!!
She honestly helps me lolz...
She texted me today and said I'd never become a burden(cuz I tawt i was) and she always prays for me :D
this is too good to be ignored but dont let her take the place of god in your heart. that ssimply idolatory, remember our god is a jealous god. read more of the word of god that should be your greaatest companion.
Isaac...That was the last thing on my mind..Heck,it wasn't even on my mind...All I was doing was pointing out,that God sends people to help us...Arriviederci!