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My Testimony!

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I've been away from Talk Jesus for sometime and came back yesterday. I feel led to give you my testimony.

In 1987 I was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor and hydrocephlus, excess pressure on the brain. During an operation to install a shunt in my brain to relieve the pressure, my brain collasped and I quit breathing. I had to be placed on life support until the doctor could decide what to do. I was taken back in surgery and the shunt was removed.

After some amount of time the pressure in my brain be came extremely high, and I was in serious condition. The neurosurgeon said he couldn't do anymore, he sent me to another hospital to another neurosurgeon. Another shunt was placed and I was stabized.

I'm ever greatful to God for saving me, he could have chose not to save me. I told Him I had done everything without needing Him and I would call Him if I did need Him. He loves me regardless of how I treated Him. I love Jesus more than I ever have. He has forgiven me for my insolence.

Another shunt was placed and I was stabilized.
Praise the Lord ! I always love reading the testimonies here at TJ. We need to lift Him up for all He has done for us.

We overcome by the word of our testimony.

Thanks for sharing with us brother.

Your sister in Christ,


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