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My Testimony

Well I will make a start on this now anyway

I come from a home that serves the Lord, it could be said that "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord" has worked out in the generations in my family.

We are the fourth,

Having said that of my generation I am the first, the first born Grandson on both sides. I was brought up within a very struck moral frame work. Mum had definite ideas about what happened to naughty little boys.

At about age 10 I stopped sleeping, this went on for about 4 weeks, I was aware that I was mortal and that I was sinful and that God would judge me. That my parents were Good wasn't enough that I was little would get me out of it.

I confessed Christ at the end of the weeks late one night sitting next to my parents bed, (needless to say they were very happy).

So on the story goes, I read the bible and sat in church to hear the sermons (Sunday school didn't cut it and my teachers didn't quite know how to handle my questions ).

In 1993 I convinced my pastor to let me get baptised, he didn't want to baptise a 12 year old thought I would be not very serious about it. I quoted Acts at him and the end of Mathews Gospel, he ended up dunking me.

We moved Churches a year or so latter and I came under the teaching of a really good pastor. He helped me understand a lot of the big picture stuff that was there, however the application was missing. The story of so many Churches eh.... at this church I got really involved in music ministry, so much that it became a problem for me actually.

Again we moved Churches (not the best at staying put) this was when I was 17-18 we went to a Independent Baptist, it was a good and a bad experience I learnt a lot. I tried some new stuff, the problem was that it was quite an unhealthy place to be.

After two years I went away to uni (and was glad to make the break with the IBs) I was at a couple of Churches at the new uni town one that my Uncle went to for the first year and then after he left town I went to the one on campus (cause I could walk to it). I got back into the music here, I was able to focus on God and not my vainglory.

Now I am back home going to another local meeting and another meeting in another town, God is growing me and teaching me that I am gifted with more than just music. My mind is His he gave it to me and expects me to put it to use for Him, I still worship Him with my service in music and desire to give Him all the glory that He desires and is worthy of.

Well that is my ramble,
It is a worry when you know that on the scale of 1 to 10 talents God has given you more than one. I only hope that I can serve as I ought.

Grace and Peace
Stay humble before the Lord and keep a servants heart. :love:

He will bless the work of your hands.

Thanks for sharing where you have been, It is good to hear so many gererations of your family have served the Lord. Continue to serve Him with all that is within you.

Your sister in Christ,

Not a ramble, but a pilgrims journey. Thanks for the good words of how my Lord seeks out his own. God fill you with Christ who fills all in all, and bless your way with the lamp of His word. I enjoyed reading it.
wow guy!
like i always look up to you alot yeah and like your testimony tells me that you are committed to God alot and even at 12 getting baptised...why not?? Jesus was 12 in the temple, in his Fathers house doing his Fathers business.

I want to be like that