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My testimony

When I was a child, I loved people so much that it didn't matter
what they did wrong or do. But as time progressed, I started to care... "why would they do this to me? I loved them but why aren't they?" and so on. Then came 7th grade where I gave up. I went to witchcraft to sort of take revenge on the world. Doing that made my logic and my personality twisted away from the "true me". Somehow, during that year of May, I had a dream or a vision. I "had died" and gone up into the gates of heaven. It was like a large room.. marbled. There were light on the walls but there were no "windows" to shine on the walls. Then I saw two other people. They said that if it was "my time" then I'd be able to go through this "doorway" which had no actual door on it.. Just a doorway. As I tried.. I feared that it might've been my time.. Then, what i feared had happened. I was able to go through this "doorway". After, my spirit and my heart was so overwhelmed by sudden Joy and happiness! I felt completely "wired" and "connected" to everyone and everything and GOD. It was just so beautiful, not just the sights but what I was feeling. I was searching for the God and I had a hard time. Then I saw Jesus... I asked "where is the father?" then He answered me, " you know where He is". Of course! HE is everywhere! And He IS GOD! By knowing Him I know the Father! By acknowledging this, I saw His Presence...but I wasnt able to completely see HIM. I saw a part of His "Body" but not His holy and glorious Head. But it didn't matter. I asked Him if I could have another chance at life, and without a hesitation, without a second! He said "Yes"!!. Then I just awoke and felt His Spirit and was in extreme awe! He is so Gracious! He has saved me by it and I will never forget that moment He entered My life. From then I had many hardships but He always helped me from it and I know He will keep helping me and stand by me guiding me all the way.


Aye Chuck,
Thanks for sharing. His love is so good that He has saved us all. I was also into "talking with spirit" and other things in my childhood. But you know, Jesus has saved me and has blessed me abundantly. Praise and glory to God.

Its really great to serve our LORD.

Be always Joyful in Jesus.