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my testimony, my story

This is just what i could decribe as my testimony. I wrote a poem today in the poetry forum. It is an expression of what God has been doing in my life. Jesus saved me, then our friendship grew, then blossomed into love. I know now that we love because He first loved us. Now, even though i'm walking through the valley of the shadow of death, His love covers me, protecting me. God walked with me through the fire before, saved my life from death, gave me eternal life, and walks with me in the valley of pain and suffering. Praise Jesus for His never ending love !!!!! One day He will wipe away all the tears from my eyes and take away all the pain i've suffered on this earth . :) God's love really overwhelms me.
Hey thanks Dot (peeps :love: ) for the encouragement also:) . Love you sister! You are a blessing, reminding me of God's eternal love.

We sat under the apple tree
My Beloved and me.
The fruit was sweet
His fragrance divine
My heart melted within me.

So rich a love, so pure so undefiled,
I never exprienced before.

The birds they sang, songs sweet, full of love,
For the King they lifted up their voices in harmony.

My Beloved was singing songs of love over me,
Songs of joy and peace to set me free.

I soaked in His love, His love set me free,
Suddenly, we were way up high, above the apple tree.
Then for a moment i glanced into His eyes,
I was overcome, overwhelmed with His love.

He gazed back at me, so tenderly,
And whispered sweet , " I love you, you are Mine ".

Then He disappeared, I still felt His warm loving touch.
But His presence was withdrawn from me.

For love was to be tested, my heart refined,
So His love would be all that would be left in me!
Oh the apple tree, i miss those moments so much
Each day i grow more lovesick.

If you meet my Beloved, would you tell Him please,
How this heart so longs for His presence!

Searching, seeking, burning, melting,
Lord I ask for only one thing!
That i may dwell forever in Your house oh Lord
And gaze upon Your beauty forever.

And when forever passes by,
His love will still embrace me!
Then my heart will only belong to Him,
I will be my Beloved's and He will be mine.

This is for You Jesus, my Lord, my King, my Beloved, the Saviour of my soul !
Your lilywhite princess will become a queen !
that was so beautiful it touch my heart lilywhite. I also write poems and it blesses me to see others that do the same God bless u janlovesjesus