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my testimony(condensed version lol)

my parents were both christians when they got married so i was born into a christian home. I went to a christain preschool and so i asked jesus into my heart when i was about 6.
After my parents divorced when i was 7 my life was thrown into disfuctionalism. from the until i was almost 13 i was the mother to my five younger siblings. My mother was never really there, she was either working or she couldnt be there for me in the way of bein a christian because she had herself givin up.
for three years my stepfather abused me sexually physically mentally and emotionally. i never told anyone but i was a slave to my pain. I cried myself to sleep every night and every day i put on a happy face took care of my sisters and my little brother and pretended that nothing was wrong. No one knew that pain and terror that i had inside me all the time.
I never gave up on jesus. Maybe it was because when i was small i was told he would never leave me nor forsake me and because i had made my own relationship with him at such an early age. I continuded to seek him on my own. I read my bible and prayed and cried out to him daily and i couldnt understand why he never answered me like he use to.
When the abuse ended and my mother found out she took us away and left my stepdad. but that didnt last long i guess she still loved him and made me feel like she blamed me, she would go and visit him in prison and tell me how hes doin and w/e like nothing was wrong. I knew right then that i would never be able to depend on my mother and that holds true to this very day. When me and my sisters were taken away from her and put into a childrens home i had nothing left but my beleif that jesus was still there. We were taken to church and then god began to answer my prayers. he started speaking to me and i knew that God had always been there even tho i didnt know it, and i knew that he had delivered me from my bondage.God healed me, and gave me purpose and a vision and told me who i was and created a new person in me in that 8 months i was in that home. God used me as a tool to the other children there that didnt have jesus. I saw lives changed and that was truley one of the best times of my life. I made him not only my savior but my LORD. I realized that i have no control over my life and what happens in it but God does and so i leave my life in his hands.
Its been five years since then, and im still on my own with my relationship with christ. I recently left home and now i live with my grandparents because god told me to. There is a bigger picture that i am blessed to be apart of. There are things that i know that god wants me to do and im gonna do those things no matter what the cost. My life is still in his hands and i've seen that there are no better hands. God is doing wonderful things and i am no longer that broken 11 yr. old girl without a personality without anyone to care for me and without a dream. God is making my dreams come true, and blessing me that i may serve him and do things for his glory. God bless ya'll. Keep pressing on. sorry its so long but this is a very good topic:D
1 Timothy 4:12 - Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity
I'm so glad you never gave up on Jesus! I'm glad you stayed strong with your Faith, thats great. Well, keep up in the Faith, and just keep remembering that Jesus will never leave you.