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My testamony

I have grown up in a christain house hold, but at young age my Mom found out that she had cancer. It was a very hard time for my family, Mom had always been there for all us kids and now before our eyes, she slowly fadded away. but we kept on praying and dad was alway there, loving and encouraging, but 6 years later, mom went home to God.
During this whole time i thought that i was a christian i kept thinking, "i'm from a good family, my mom was a great person, God will healer."
so when He decided otherwise, i turned my back on Him. i stopped going to church, stopped talking to my christain friends, and i tried to change from the old 'good little christian girl' to a cooler, non-christain version.
well for 2 years i struggled with life, with trying to move on, but i couldn't. i gained weight from nervious eating habits and i was a little snot to my family. but after a while i realized what was really going on. that it was me, i was the problem, not God. that mom was truly happier where she was, that i needed to grow up and quite being so selfish.
so over the last 5-6 years God has really worked on my heart. last summer i was rebaptised in water and the Holy Spirit. God has done great things in my life! And he has been a constant peace during stormy times...

He has opened my eyes to many new things and He has made me a better person!! My Family has grown very close together over the years and it's been great to see it grow and expland with marrages and babies!!

so yes God has changed me alot...
the most recent thing that He has done to show Himself to me happen only a few weeks ago!!
I'm spending the summer in France with some relative and i went to this misson outreach in South france. now i don't speak french very well and my vocabulary is very limited, but while i was praying for this young man, i was later told, i suddenly started praying passionatly in french...and it was very good french too!!
this is amazing because i don't remember speaking french, i just know that i was praying tongues!!!

so that is my testamony...sorry if it was a bit too long, but hey, when God gives ya something to talk about, why not talk?

God Bless
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thats cool now God's got a hold of you i recon!!!

and yeah when God gives you somehtign to work with... go with the flow

Love Simon!!!
Hi Lola....I want to say welcome to Talk Jesus since I don't think I've welcomed you yet & you seem fairly "new" to the site. That is a beautiful testimony - I love the last part when you were praying in French!! God gives us what we need when we need it & will enable us to minister to others as long as we are willing vessels.
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Bonjour sister! :) That's just about as much french you'll get from me

Great testimony thank you for sharing. GOD is amazing and so merciful on us. He is so gentle, patient and loving towards the lost and the saved!

Praise Jesus Christ for paying the price