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My story!

I just want to share how I came to know Christ and how I got here where I am today!

I grew up in a christian home. A very loving family I had. Not a big one but very loving parents. But as a teen I didnt see it that way. I had went to a christian school when I was in grade 10. I was a great kid. I got staright As and I necver got into trouble! After the grade 10 year I started working at a campsite near my parents house where I used to live.( they lived way out in the boonies). :shade:

I started meeting people from all over the country because they came to camp there. becuase I was a very friendly person I got along with everyone. too make a long story short... thats when I started getting into smoking weed drinking... that was just the begining.

When I had turned 16 I took off from my parents house and moved across the country with a 21 year old guy that I barely knew... that I met at the campsite. I lived with him for 4 months. I thought I was love but boy was I wrong. I started drinking and having premarital sex. we had broken up and I came back home with my parents. Only to realize that it would get worse from there. The whole time my parenst would pray for me and they once told me that it felt like they lost a daughter... and at that time I didnt care at all.

I reached the age of 17 and had wound up living on the bad side of town... where all there is is coke dealers and drug addicts. I got messed up hanging around such people. the friends I had at the time... I really thought they were my friends... But I realize now that they never cared about me at all. I had started smoking crack... several times a day... never realizing how stupid it was. premarital sex.... drinking.... not caring about anything except getting high and partying.

I had dropped outta school and to this day I dont have my High School. ( one of my biggest regrets.)

I had skipped back to the other side of the country because I wanted to get outta where I was living. Once I had arrived there I felt depressed. I was lonely... very sad. My heart was aching. I didnt know why thouh... But now I realize that it was God trying to tell me that hes there.. and I shouldnt be living this way. This was where I met my now husband. I ended up getting pregnant at the age of 17 with my now 3 year old. It was hard for my parenst to deal with but they slowly saw a change in me. we wer living with my now husband (matt) parents.... where it was real hard to live there. They were into drugs... drinking... they never had one night where they wouldnt scream and yell at someone in the household. They had always put matt down and shut him out. One day I couldnt take it anymore... and I told them thats not right. They shouldnt be doing that to him. That is when they kicked us out. We had to spend many nights not wondering how we would eat or where we would sleep.

One night I had gotten a hold of my parents and they had asked if we both wanted to come down and live with them.... Boy were we both excited! By then I was about 2 months pregnant. we spent 3 days on the bus to get here..l. we came with only a bag each of clothes... nothing more.

we had troubles getting married because... well long story but matts mom had given him many last names... and it was very confusing! But thank God we did! We ended up getting married a month before emily was born.

Anyways... this is where we are now! I'm 21 with 2 beautiful children and a wonderful hisband who stuck by me.. and never left my side. My father led him to Christ when he first moved down here. Hes still struggling with his past... But God is doing a mighty work in him! He started and hes not finished! I believe God has a very great plan for my family... And I'm waiting for God to reveal what tha might be! Whatever he wanst me to do ... I will go. I Love my Lord... Hes done so much for me and my family!!

Thank you everyone for everything! I'm am truly blessed to be apart of your family! I know you hear that alot but I really am grateful to have all you as my brothers and sisters in Christ! THANK YOU FATHER! Praise your mighty name!!!

well... just thought I would share my story so youall know kinda where I came from. Of course theres more to it but most of it doesnt really matter anymroe! Its kinda hard to believe that I was ever like that... It wasnt me. God really has changed everything about me. I'm a new me Thanks to My Father in Heaven!!

Thank you fro all your Prayers! I love you all!!

God Bless:love:
Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your testimony! Al said it all, sister, and you have your brothers and sisters in Christ who will support you and brother Matt, encourage you, and constantly pray for you. We need your love too, your greeting new members in shout box and welcome posts in "New Members" forum here at Talk Jesus!

Your family at Talk Jesus! :boy_hug: Jessid9 :girl_hug: