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my story

when GOD came in my life i was a very wild person. drugs, parties, and violence. god has changed my life and everyday with him is a blessing thankyou jesus:rainbow:
I'm a new man

Ive recently been saved. A few days ago I gave my life to God because I was feeling down and depressed. My brothers wife asked me, Why I became a Christian?, and I wasnt sure of the answer. So I was very trubbled by this and realised there was something wrong. I tried to work it out and began to realise my motive was all wrong. Sure I needed God with me but i had to realise that God had sent His son to die for my sins, he was torchered because of what I had done. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and sure enough He made me feel new again. I'm only on day two on my journey and I cant contain my excitent the Holy Spirit fills me with. I just want to tell everyone I meet in hope they can be saved just like me.
Staff Member
Amen! GOD bless you for your most important decision you've ever made! Praise Jesus Christ for His gift of Salvation!

i too gave ma life to God and have been seeing His blessing upon ma life everyday. Glory be to his name and i welcome you to he family of christ. enjoy ur salvation.
Gods work is cool, I feel him every day. I dont stop thinking about him, its just amazing. He has been answering my prayers and helping me in ways I didnt think possible before. Praise the Lord.