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My Story

I am a young man with no religous background so the story of how Jesus saved me is particularily interesting I think. I grew up in a poor housing estate in a southern English city and life was hard for myself and my mother (God rest her eternal soul) and her partner (and my guardian) Sarah. It was not a typical upbringing by any means and by age 15 I was withdrawn from school for medical reasons and consequent allegations being made by the girl's parents. For a while I fell in with a bad crowd, and insane as it now seems I was doing everything from shooting dice in the alley to selling parts for bus doors on the black market. At age 17 however my life was to change forever. While casing a big hit on a bus for the elderly at a catholic church in lower downtown Chesterfield...I was saved. As I was planning the sinful act which I was about to commit I suddenly heard a soft but clear and commanding voice. It was more like a thought than a voice I remember thinking some time after however. I suddenly got the urge to enter the church and from that day on I vowed never to do certain things again and in relation to the day in question I have never eaten glue since. I have found the word of God through the Bible and I have commited my life to both coming to terms with my past and helping other disadvantaged children such as I was.
That's awesome what God has done for you, It's amazing how our life changes once God enters. Thanks for sharing!
Stay Real
The Lord of Love

Bible Feeler, the Lord of Love has blessed you and smiled on your pain. All of your weaknesses and evil ways he has forgiven and breathed new life into your once polluted lungs of satanic glue. But we are all sinners, and have all sinned, and the Lord has taken all of your hurt and pain and evil poison and made you a vehicle and intrument of his love. Praise be his holy name!

Thank you for sharing your life's strife with us, and blessing us with the image of your purification in the Lord.
wow, amen! God can work through so many ways... We are sometimes deafened by the world's voices but in the end, He always comes and saves the day. Hearing the Voice of God isn't that easy, but it's really wonderful that you were able to hear Him. God may be planning more things for you


Great and awesome is our Lord

We know that God works out things in His own way. We can surely rely on Him.
Praise the Lord.
Its always wonderful to see how lives are changed by our GOD. Jesus loves each and every one of us and has a great plan for all of us. Let His Will be done.

Be always Joyful in Jesus
Thank You

Thank you all for your kind and arousing replies. I agree that God has a plan for me. But I also have a plan for God. I owe him my life and as he once came to me as a troubled youth, I came to him with a plan to repay him. I devised the plan late one night as I came home from a bar, I have to admit I was rather drunk but I was still sober enough to remember to take my medication, before passing out and meeting God. My thoughts and conversations with the Holy Father that night are sacred and shall noy be told to users of this site due to the legal restrictions of the site and the basic human rights of the people of the former East Germany. Once as I was recalling our plan for salvation and the conversation we had I went from a deep sadness as I pictured the faces of the parents after our plan will be completed to laughing so hard I gave myself a nosebleed, such is the power of the Lord. Good luck to you all in finding Gods purpose for you, hopefully you will be as lucky as me and together we will show them, show them all.

I leave you all with the eternal words of Fr. Gordon Brown as I visited him in his dying days.

"A big yellow wall, no matter how amusing, has no hands.
The man with one eye has hands, but is not amusing, or a yellow wall.
If God were to tell you something, you must do it....... find me the boy with painted face as only he can open the gates to Blargon 5.

You seem to have had some troubled times, my friend. From your post it seems that some of your troubles have centred on substance abuse of one kind or another. I pray that you have beaten this evil, through the Lord who loves us all.

'If God were to tell you something, you must do it' - such beautiful words of Father Brown which you quote. It will be wise of us all to remember this pearl of wisdom which you share with us. Thank you so much, and may God Bless you in His eternal love forever and always.
Funny of how your salvation stories conflict with the other salvation stories and hardships of not having a childhood yet you talk of fishing and the like, of being active.
Interesting about Blargon 5, was that in Star Wars?
"I hear what your saying truebeliever. When I was around 13 years old I thought I was experiencing everything life had to offer. All I wanted to do was play with my friends and family, go fishing with my dad, and melt plastic toy people when I wanted to go on a power trip and play God.
But God had no real role in my life until I was around 13 years old. I never had any interest in things that made no sense, so on a Sunday when my family went to church, I would stay home and look after my younger cousin Spartacus. As God played no role in my life, my view of right and wrong was a little distorted to say the least. To this day I will never forget the words of my mother (God rest her eternal soul) as she walked in on myself and young Spartacus playing characters from our favourite soap opera, removed
, up against the living room wall. My mother looked the two of us up and down and said; removed
I have been a devout Christian ever since and I would not like to think what path my life may have taken were it for my mother sending me to church. We all need God, Jesus and the Virgin Mother Mary in our lives"
That is one story under True Believers testimony. wonder if there are others?
"I must be honest I went through a few rough years before I was back to my original self. At one stage I used to start every day with a cocktail of toilet duck, CD cleaner and a cheap bottle of russian lager as it was the only way I could make the children laugh until the school day would finish, Thankfully I got fired and found God."

Here we go again...
So folks on TJ please don't read everything you believe, as you can see Bible Feeler is a fraud, he also has another with him always replying to his comments, gosh how boring.
Thanks mmd

:rose: You know what just blows me away, is that a person would have this much audacity. This is no petty game and brothersnarms should be furious too, because he cares so much what his children see. When you read something like this mmd, you sure end up knowing that there is satan. What a cowardly stupid jerk he is though. Problem is this jerk can really do damage, to his nephew already and any other child that may have been his victim. I am so all for seeing this messaging going to the police. Just to save even one child. This man is serious stuff, the real thing and a loser. I pray that a man like that isn't let near an orphanage. You know Chad, as I write this, I sure have compassion for all the ugliness you have to go through, to just simply want peace and happiness in the Lord. I have never see such sickness, as this man described. I used to be really afraid of satan, but now I fear God and I sure think satan is a jerk. Thanks for doing something about this mmd, like I said, I sure have seen a lot in my life, but never have I seen such devilish and evil minded writing as this. What a mockery he was trying to make of all of us. Take care and I think maybe I'll read up on some praises for a while, kinda tilt the scale back to the right side for me again. Tak car and Amen: love Pixie
Well when someone has no friends or positive input in his life this is what he does to amuse himself, him and his ignorant brain. I dont' believe a word he has said but I like the Police thing, can report him by his IP address...there is always a way to find a person and we have the technology.