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My Story of Finding The True Man God Had for Me

I posted this on the "Abstinence Until Marriage" FB page:

This will probably be kind of long, but I wanted to share my experience. So, I'm going to be "real." This is not something made up, but about a part of my life I don't always share.

In 2001 when I was 20/21 I met a guy online and things escalated to a point where I wasn't comfortable. I went to meet him over Easter and well we did things we shouldn't have, not going "all the way," but that doesn't make it any better in my eyes. Now, at the age of 32 and even years before this, I realized that this guy would NOT have been the spiritual head of our home if we had gotten married. Jesus and a relationship with Him wasn't as important to him as it was to me.

In the same year, months after he broke it off with me, I met another guy online. This time things ended differently for me. When something happened that wasn't a good idea, HE realized it, too, and we strove to do better until we were married.

In 2004, I married the second guy. He's my husband of 9 years this July.

So, I want to encourage everyone. Some say that a sexual relationship or situation has no affect on people, but they are wrong. When we have a sexual experience, those involved are connected spiritually not just physically. I remember things from the first guy and from my past, which is filled with abuse since I was a little girl. So, be careful of what you do and allow to happen to you. Spiritual footprints will be left. Be true to you and to what God has said, not about what someone says is how you are to live.

I had made a choice in my teens to be pure until marriage and *I* messed it up. I didn't speak up and I didn't have a true man in the first relationship to say "We shouldn't have done that. Let's not do that until we are married. Let's do this right."

So, sisters-in-Christ, find that true man. Brothers-in-Christ, be that true man!

I hope this will encourage someone.

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