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My Special Someone...

I believe God has revealed my soulmate to me. His name is Russell, he's 1 1/2 years older than me. Russell and I have just been through so much together - and all bc of me! Russell is just so in love with me, it's amazing. specailly after all I put him through. I love him to death.
but my brother, who's over protective of me, isn't so sure. So, I pray about russell and me every day that I remember. I don't want to make a mistake - specailly about my future husband
Staff Member
That's very sweet. May you both be blessed. Prayer will guide you to the right path.
Hi! I have a soulmate to and his name is Anthony if you read my soulmate of him before yours but he is 16 years older than me but you know what I love him to death we love each other so much that even our families can't get in between us. There was times where our families said you and Anthony aren't going to get married and I said no we are sometime soon. We did just get our own apartment on my 21st birthday. All you got to do is read about married (marriage) and think about you and Russell and pray to God about him ok?

W/B Love, Diana31483
People get in such a big hurry sometimes. Take your time, slow down, you got your whole life. Pray about it. Life changes alot once your out on your own, making your own living, your own place to live, working a job. A soulmate means there for life, if it's the real thing, they will not go anywhere. I know people don't like to hear this kind of thing, but it's the truth. No one gets married with the idea of divorce, but people seem to be wrong about half the time for some reason?

God bless,
you know what mark m you are absolutely right! I'm not getting married yet because me and anthony are working and I'm in school for medical administrative assistant. so what are you doing with your life mark m? are you married or engaged?

I have been out of collage almost 20 years. Worked in maintenance and Engineering longer than that. Have been married to the love of my life for 15 years this August. I have been a Youth Pastor for almost five years now, I see alot of young people rush into a relationship just to get away from home. I look back and am so glad I did not marry the girl I dated for two years in high school. I remember we had big plans, but after school ended and we started our lives, we came to understand, we just where not right for one another. I'm so glad we waited that extra year to find that out. :wink: