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My Song "Last Temptation"

Staff Member
I play guitar (13 yrs now) and back in '95 or '96 I wrote a small part (or a few together per se) for a song that I originally called "Dreams & Nightmares". I wasn't saved until February '02 so the title explains enough lol. Anyways, now over the years the song grew longer and longer and probably about one month ago I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to change the theme (not the song itself) of the song into "last temptation" of Jesus Christ (I love you Jesus :) . So, AMAZINGLY the song fits perfectly well to be a musical short-movie of Jesus' last temptation (simliar to The Passion movie). The song is about 12 minutes long and pure guitar solo. It starts off pretty tense and gets dramatic, energetic soloing in the middle and goes wild in a thematic way representing everything relating to the Last Tempation of Jesus. I cannot believe how perfectly well it fits the theme and the music together. I hope to share it one day on mp3 via this site. I just need to find myself a good digital recording sound card like I used to have for my computer. I cannot afford one now but once I get one you'll know for sure ;)

God Bless!
Sounds like something we would like to hear. I would also like to find a good cheap sound card I could do some recording with. I have written a few songs and would like to share a few of them. We use one of them alot in our Youth Group now.
I'm not much on music notation, can't read a note.
I'm living proof God can use anyone!