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My relatiuve.

Please pray for my Aunt's mother. She has cancer in the lymph nodes and right now it does not look so good. The doctors say there is nothing else they can do. PLease pray for her. Hopefuly God will choose to heal her. What His will is is googd enough though.:girl:
God bless you Daughter for this request to Him, our God specializes in bringing hope to the hopeless!
Thank you for your prayers. But she is now in the happiest place there is.:girl: She died on January 21, 2006. She was a Christian and she will always be in our hearts. She is in eternity with the Lord.
She had a very strong faith in Christ and she was always telling people about Him. Even at her death she helped lead someone to Christ. Some came to the funeral or burrial, I don't remember, and she came to Christ. YOu see, the thing was that she had never been to a Christian funeral. In others everyone was mourning and they thought it was the end. But in my relatives funeral, the people were singimg and praising. Because they knew she was happy and with the Lord. Praise the lord.