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My Prayer Request

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Chad, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Greetings brothers & sisters,

    I am asking for prayer request for me and my wife of 2 years. We have been struggling with many complicated issues, unfortunately involving abuse on my part and some disagreements as well. Things have been become extremely complicated and involves issues with in-laws / relatives as well as. We have gone to a few counselors the past 2 years and while it has helped, things are still going very rough at this stage and volatile.

    Please pray for a miracle in my marriage and for GOD to just help us both be the husband and wife we're called to be.

    Thank you, GOD bless.
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    Brother Chad,

    I will be praying for you and your wife in this difficult time knowing that the hand of God is upon you both and that He is a God of miracles and where it seems impossible God says with Me it is possible. God bless you both in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  3. No one is immune to sin and struggles, none of us can comment on the splinter in your your eye, when we are blinded by the log in ours!

    It is safe to say that we are all human and sinful and in need of a God like ours. If they have any redeeming value, all humans know when they are in the wrong and prefer to do what is right.

    It is the beleiver that sees these transgressions as sin and against God and, it is impossible for a non-beleiver to see this as an afront to God.

    No one knows any better than you that in Christ you are forgiven and in him there is no condemnation. Your chastisement for the things that God wishes you to correct is no different than the different types of refining that we all go through. So, have peace that you are saved.

    It is inspiring that you confide in all of us of your troubles and reaching out for prayers. It is incouraging that you realize you and your wife can not do it by yourself and dependent on God....that is more than half the battle!

    I pray that you and your wife find common ground in Christ to continue to bulid on, settle and improve on your differences and continue to grow in him that lives in you!

    God Bless
  4. Be sure to take ownership of what is yours and make necessary changes.

    Praying for your marriage Chad.
  5. This is a very tough situation to be in... I totally understand and feel what you're both going through and how desperate you two may be feeling at this point and wishing you can start over.

    I'm always praying for you two and I know in my heart that this is just a phase and God will see you through and get you both through it. Just be patient and have faith in God.

    We all love you so much and here for you and Gabriela!
  6. praying for your marriage!!! God will guide you.
  7. I'm praying for you too. God is healer and His mercy and grace are awesome to us, especially in time of need.
  8. Hi Chad. Reading your prayer request motivated me to posting my testimony. I pray it may be an encouragement and that you will recognise that there is always hope. Always. Don't let go of it.
    Praying for you and your wife.
  9. Praying that God will renew refresh and restore n your marriage.

  10. Thank you for your prayers. At this current moment, our marriage is at a dead end.

    Your continued intercession for our marriage, discernment and softening of our hearts - is necessary and urgent, and of course greatly appreciated.
  11. I admire your ability to look at yourself and your part in what is happening in your life. This is what was the beginning of the change in my own life and marriage. It is one thing to read the bible. It was quite another for me to actually put it into practice. I was very abusive to my wife mentally. Peter wrote to us and told us that we had a more sure word of prophecy than if God were here speaking to us. He encouraged us to read it over and over until the day dawn and the day star arise in our hearts. And that is what I have done. I have been cured of my abusiveness toward my wife even though she has not changed. Some things coming to mind, brother:

    • All of what we think is not our own: Satan or a devil will try to fill our hearts with evil.
    • Only by pride cometh contention: but by humility exhaltation

    As a Christian man, I looked into the word of God and seen what it says that my wife is supposed to be. Then I looked at who my wife is and became very disappointed. I was being ripped off. Pretty self-centered huh? Today, I look at Christ. He is beautiful. The way he handles his bride, washing her in the water of the word that she may be blameless and without spot, truly loving and taking care of her for her. Regardless of how she treats him he is content to lay down his life for her though he deserve much better.

    I see my wife today. I look at the blemishes and spots. I look to the word and ask, which do I need to wash this with Lord? For her sake, not mine. My wife will one day have to stand before the Lord and give an account of herself. As will I. My hope is that we show up as a team who worked to build each other up as one flesh instead of getting caught up in the trivial pursuit of marital bliss.

    Dear Lord God in Heaven, ruler of heaven and Earth, I bring before you Chad and his dear wife whom have been having difficulty with their marriage. I cheerfully make request with joy knowing that you know very well what is wrong with any given circumstance. And not only that, but you, my Lord, know the answers and have the power to make all things happen. If I may Lord, I request that you would give these two a deeper understanding and knowledge of your person which truly is the answer to all things. Teach them the true value of selfless love as you wrote of it in your word. Give the increase to the seeds that have formerly been planted and watered by your servants that these two might experience the true wonder of walking in your immediate presence as they share this life together as coheirs of life. I ask not that the stressful and strenuous things be removed from their lives but that you would strengthen them to be able to overcome all obstacles like Jesus your precious son did. Having that hope of Glory that comes at the end of our faith. Although we know that the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh take a huge toll on marriages, you have taught that it is the pride of life that is the death nail in the coffin. I pray Father that all who visit this thread would understand the need to humble ourselves not only before you but before our wives too, just as Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords humbled himself to wash the very feet of his bride though she be uncomely.

    In the loving Name of our loving Lord, Please be with all of us. Married and unmarried.


  12. I am sorry to hear of this struggle you are in! By all means you are in my prayers Chad!
  13. Thank you for your prayers. I love my wife very much, yet it's been quite a struggle to come to an agreement and understanding of our roles as husband and wife. It is laid out clear in Scripture but still there's conflict and disagreements that cause serious friction and depravity of peace.

    Your continued prayers for grace, strength, holiness and surrender to the Lord is most appreciated.

    Today I realized a simple truth that I've known all along but never kept it at heart due to pride:

    Only the Holy Spirit can change your spouse. Your job is to allow Him to change you and pray for your spouse as well. There is no purpose nor success in trying to control your spouse to control situations in order to feel "safe" from being hurt. God does not control us but gives us free will.

    I pray for a super natural intervention on Gods part for this marriage.

    I trust in the Lord.
  14. Hi Chad, it is a great thing you realised this now. It took me years before it finally sunk into my dimwitted prideful skull. And the cost of my resistance was to inflict more pain upon my wife. Now I have let go. I have released her from my control and placed her unresistingly into the loving wise and gracious hands of our Lord and Saviour. He knows what to do, and how to do it, after all, he did it for me.
    I noticed a change immediately. The moment I stopped in my attempts to "sanctify" my wife, the Lord was able to take over. What I had been accomplishing previously was simply to get in the way. Now God is freely able to do what He wants in His own time, and I have witnessed many changes and praise God for His love and grace and power.
    The Bible says we are to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. There is the key. Giving ourselves up...taking up our own cross...sacrificing self/pride/ego/selfishness/ our own ideas of what constitutes "righteousness" and leaving all in the Lord's hands. After all, the Bible says that our spouses are sanctified by our faith, not our words.

    May God bless your marriage and use you both to extend His kingdom and glorify Him in all things.
  15. Brother Chad,I have been in prayer much for you on this.,I received this,you can judge this to see if you believe this is true for you! Did you ever eat a frosted cake of some kind. What is left of the cake after the frosting is gone,is the real cake. Following Jesus after ones salvation, can be compared as much the same way. We first are so glad,but then we find out what is required from us.

    After the frosting is gone from the cake,we now really get tested in our like or dislike for what we now have. What looked so good,may be even better after we take the frosting off of it.WHY? because we enter the heart of what eyes loved to look at.

    But to decide on partaking of this,can be the problem,what if? What if this, what if that? I of course have never married,but have seen many couples who after a few years,all seem to go through a great struggle. Many come to find out who is more important? themselves, or there helpmate?

    True the helpmate may have the same problem,but we being the man must endure.Which means we have to be the example even though, she may be hard headed at times. We cannot be.For if we are,then how can our helpmate ever learn? Love is not just a word,it means hardship.long suffering, and many times of enduring. It takes a great deal of work!

    Work which you have labored on these many years.For your labor first got her to the point of becoming your wife my brother. She became your wife,because she saw something in you, you did not see. She saw how really good the cake is in you! Even if you yourself never did.

    Anger and words,words we can never take back,even though we wish we could.Who among us have not failed in this test! We all have! From your view,you may see her as being selfish,uncaring,even mean. The hard part to realize through all this,is that, that is what we created for ourself,we look as men for a mirror image of ourselves.

    And sometimes when we get this,we are not very happy with the result.So now, it may be time to sit back a bit and consider just what we did create? What purpose? And for how long? Some women look for an excuse to be bad.Just like children do. harsh words spoken stop this for the moment,but never in the long term,they like children are looking for a steady example they themselves can follow.

    They are looking for the way. They follow us until they do not think we are following the right way.Then they stop,then we get mad,and say what are you doing!! come on!! I know the way! But they also know something we forgot,we may have stumbled along the way.

    They may be in great need of reassurance that you do know the way. I am not saying you are at all in this way! I am saying many couples are. I am just giving my thoughts in love to what MAY be the condition. When you have a child,they act as there parents do,they may not always speak, but they watch, close,so does our helpmate.

    Christmas to me is not the end of a year,but rather the beginning of a New Year! The birth of Jesus can also give birth to greater hope for all of us! Perhaps a needed vacation,just the two of you is needed. Going back to a time when you so cared for each other,that no matter what was around either of you,it did not matter,you were both so happy just to be with each other!

    When Jesus looks at us,we may not be in to good of shape,but Jesus does not look, at our present,he looks in faith to a time when we were on target with him!(Psalm 25:6-13) Just something to consider brother Chad! You sure know the Lord yourself! My prayers are always with the both of you!!
  16. Still in prayer for you. Keep praying and know that every marriage goes through periods like that!
  17. So sorry to hear that you and your wife are having marriage problems. I will certainly remember you in prayer.

    God has been moving mightily in my marriage just lately and these are the lessons I have been learning:
    Let God heal the hurts, learn to forgive each other, forgive your selves. Keep close to God and His word and He will reward you.
  18. You're still in my prayers too, Chad! God will provide, and His ways are perfect!
  19. Hi Chad. I would like to suggest a book for both you and your wife to read,
    "His Needs, Her Needs" by Willard F. Harley Jr.

    At one time my husband and I were having very serious problems and I was considering divorce very seriously. A pastor suggested this book and it made a big difference in our marriage. We have been married 28 years now and have learned how to take care of one another.

    Don't give up. A good marriage takes a lot of work but worth every minute of it.
  20. Lord please answer for this prayer. Let your will be done, Amen

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