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my personal song to Jesus *lyrics*

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Philip ShadowFire, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. "Everybody love Jesus Christ, He paid the price!"
    "Everybody love Jesus Christ, He paid the price for you and me!"
    "Everybody thought all was lost, Till He took the cross!
    "Everybody thought all was lost, He died for you and me!"
    "So Everybody, Bow down to the King, He is Everything!"
    "Everybody, bow down to the King, He's the King for you and me!"
    "So Everybody love Jesus Christ, He paid the price"
    "Everybody love Jesus Christ, He's paid the price for you and me!"

    This song came to me from Divine inspiration as I was traveling to work one day when a large truck almost hit me as I was riding my bicycle to work. It was a real honor and so amazing how fast this song came to me and was finished just before I arrived to work on that faithful day. Thanks for allowing me to share my testament with you of what a wonderful God and His Son that is watching over us with love!
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  2. It is lovely. Yet not everyone will love Jesus, even though it would be great. They will all respect Him one day, and bow to Him, but sadly not love Him. But for the Lord, it is good that many of us DO love Him!!
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  3. wonderful job keep praising father
  4. Simple words of praise from the heart.......Praise the LORD
    Thank you for sharing

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