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My newfound faith in Jesus Christ

Hello all!

I’m so excited to try this. To start off, I’ve gone though a lot in my short life (I’m 21) and had to grow up faster than normal due to my circumstances. I trailed off of the path of faith because I knew there was a God and I knew there was a Jesus Christ but I didn’t understand Jesus and I didn’t understand why he was on the cross and why people prayed to him. I thought he was just another saint. From the ages of 19-21 I underwent abuse which pushed me to the darkness, and I didn’t think I’d live through it (thoughts, evil, not doing right by god). Last year (2018) I started attending church and this year I just started going to fellowship, I started praying everyday and reading the Bible (I’m still studying because I’m trying to learn and have the ability to mentally remember the word lol it’s kinda hard) and it’s brought me into a brand new light and perspective. I don’t want to like for my body anymore, I want to devote myself to Jesus Christ and communicate to god through him. Prayer is the only thing that has gotten me through my trials, even when my faith wasn’t strong I knew someone was listening. I want to get baptized. I don’t have many friends that attend church or people besides my new church family that I can talk to about how to strengthen my faith when I feel disconnected or to just talk about Jesus! Any tips appreciated! Thank you all!
Welcome to TJ,
Don't give up and work at building your relationship with God the Father through Christ Jesus and this includes Trust.

Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @hunniezu
Sounds like you doing the right things to grow now, not only in His Word, but in building a relationship with our Lord Jesus.

You feel disconnected because you and the world are no longer compatible. So, instead of looking backwards, you need to look forward.
Seeking and of course asking God, what He wants of and for you.

All this is harder when you're still in the same environment that you were in, prior to coming to Lord. Same goes with family, friends etc. You're in the process of undergoing a change. This change isn't always easy, and can take time. However, you are not without help. Still, the first thing you should do is go get baptized. An easy way of looking at baptism is that it's an outward sign of an inward change.

With that being said, be welcome little sister to this online community of Christian believers :)

With the Love of Christ Jesus.