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My name is Pride

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by rizen1, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Here is something to consider about this quote...

    It is in pride that ministers before us have claimed that we can kill our enemies while loving them (Luther, Calvin, Augustine, your own Protestant pastor) thus still obeying Jesus when he commanded that we love our enemies. Jesus said "Do not return evil for evil... turn the other cheek... do good to those who mistreat you... My servants are not of this world, if they were, they would fight..." PRIDE says "Go to war, serve your country with honor and slaughter those who do evil (or serve an evil king and kill in evil battles and be absolved because you were commanded by a king of men...), go to court and defend your rights and your property when wronged... do not listen to the words of Jesus, listen to the theologians who erase all of these instructions from God.

    It is because of pride that we seek after riches when Jesus taught us not to seek after riches. Christ commanded ALL of his disciples to sell all they had and seek after him. Christians are to live humbly... Pride says to live richly, and convinces us that this is so.

    It is in pride that we say that we can marry again after we are divorced. Jesus said "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another is an adulterer. Anyone who marries her who is put away committeth adultery." Luther changed 1500 years of teaching about this, and he mistaught the exception clause in matthew, changing the definition of porneia (fornication) to suit his heresy. Pride robs us even of our knowledge of these events, and robs us of our understanding of the language of scripture. Pride drives us to live adulterous lives by divorce and remarriage, and it seals our ears against the commandments of Jesus.

    Pride robs us of all of the Laws of Christ, and teaches us the heresy of living in "continual forgiveness of continual sin" instead of in holiness and obedience to Jesus' commands. PRIDE has robbed your minister of the Truth, and has robbed your congregation of a minister who teaches Truth. PRIDE has created the Catechism of Luther and Calvin and set the foundation for Protestantism. PRIDE seduced the Catholic church in the same way, causing the Laws of Christ to be ignored. PRIDE has hidden the kingdom of God from the world, and its teachings from those who claim to know God.

    PRIDE indeed robs us. And most of those who read Beth Moore's poem ARE robbed, even as Beth Moore is robbed of the Truth of the Kingdom of God. Indeed this poem is true.
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  2. Do you own a house?
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  3. John 13:1-17 washing people's feet we are all equal before God and he cries out for a real true relationship not just with Him but with our brothers and sisters as well
    I have learned a lot spending time with the lost cause they have a heart as well!! And I was totally lost and sometimes I am still lost when I forget that our biggest goal is to BE love
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  4. Thank you for posting Beth Moore's poem, rizen1! I do believe that everyone can identify with it to some degree---both unbelievers as well as believers. Pride is the one basic flaw we all must put down in order to fully yield to Jesus Christ.
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  5. In most cases pride has become so womanized. Why is this? Why is being a woman so bad?
  6. Pride is just as much a sin of males as it is of females. It knows no difference. In fact, it is pride that points the finger, claiming that pride is a problem in one gender over another.

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