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My Mother's Story

She is the inspiration of my life. She has been through so much and more than I could imagine. It all started when I was 12, my oldest sister died from ovarian cancer. She was 17-years-old and she was pregnant at the time. In and out the hospital my sister went. My mother was always there for her everyday. My mom kept quiet and consistently prayed. I knew it was a lot on her, but she never really showed any emotion. My sister had her baby on Sept. 3, 1996 and died on Sept. 16, 1996. My mother was hurt I know, but she knew that God was still good and that my sister left a precious gift for her, which was my niece. My niece had cerebral palsy, where the brain didn't get that much blood, but my mom didn't care she loved my niece unconditionally. My niece was a time though, she would cry all night and it was alot on my mom. To a point my mom got sick and she stop walking for a year. She had an enlarge heart and a lot of fluid in her body that made her look overweight. The fluid came out of her legs that kept her from walking. But my mother was strong, at the time, she didn't let us watch tv, because she kept the station on TBN (Christian Broadcasting). She didn't lay in a bed, but she slept in a lazyboy the whole year. My mother and father stayed in the same house but they were pretty much separated. She read her bible everyday faithfully, showing God that she really wanted her healing. Finally, God heard her pray and my brother who lived in a different area, came and got her and brought her to a hospital where he lived. They drained all the fluid out of her body and began to run test on her. One day, the doctor came into her room and stood up against the wall and said to my mother that it must be a God, because we can not find anything wrong with you. The Lord completely healed my mother, but they had her on medications. She moved in with my big brother where he took good care of her. Finally, we(my mother's children) came to live with her there. My mother began to walk again and do the things she use to do. Finally, we got our own house and years passed by. My mother was taking such good care of my niece that a love bond started between them. They were no longer grandma and granddaughter, but mother and daughter. She lives for God and my niece, and us. My brothers took my mother through a lot. I know I played a part myself, but on Oct. 16, 2002, I gave my life to Christ. My mother was so proud of me, that she told all her saved friends, even though she was the one who prayed me into the kingdom. On Sept. 5, 2005, my brothers got into a stupid fight and it got violent. They were fighting over some shoes and my big brother was trying to stop them and he ended up getting upset as well. Well, my mother was trying to hold my brother back and ended up hurting her hand. She came to get my sister and me that night from work and she was just crying uncontrollably. I hated hearing my mother cry, but she was hurting and she was tired. She put so much on herself and really never complained about it. She is a good mother. We had a family meeting that night, where my mother and all her children came together. God spoke to me that night and told me that judgment is falling on our household. I told my family, but nobody wanted to listen. God said that he was angry with our household, because the devil was trying to take over. On Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2005, I was sleep and I heard my sister scream Mama, Mama. I didn't know what was going on, so I went into my mother room and I pulled the covers off of her and she was purple. There was no life in her, she was dead. I wanted to panic, but instead I grabbed her hands and commanded in the name of Jesus that she breathe. My brother and sister came into the room and I told them to do CPR on her. I tried to call 911, shaking and trying to stay calm. Praying and asking God to reverse this thing. I found out my sister called 911 already. The paramedics got there quick amd ran upstairs to her. After a few minutes they came down and told my sister that they could not find a pulse. So my sister went into the backyard and I met her there. We began praying, as I started speaking in my heavenly language. The Lord had me to get on my knees and he spoke through me that she shall live and not die. Finally, the paramedics came to us and told us that they found a pulse. They ran us to the hospital where they were going to take care of her there. They took her into the trauma room and she died again there and they had to shock her. As we prayed, she came back alive. But she was in critical condition, but the Lord resurrected her twice. They put her into Intensive Care and that's where she is right now. The doctors can not find anything wrong with her, but she is still unconscious. But she is fighting, for us and for my niece. Please pray for Deborah McNeil. Thank you and the best is yet to come.
Dear sister,

I am at a loss for words. Your mother is an incredible women to say teh least. I will be joiing in prayers that things will go as He wants and Has planned. Be at peace sister. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.