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my mom's angry at My sister and i for pointing -we think- her wrong doing

when i was younger my mom had always texting or even talking on the phone with random men she met. like someone would send message and she would reply. i didnt really mind till this one time they were talking about explicit subject. yes. they were talking about IT. and to make it worse, she would sneak into my room at night and talk about that subject. i talked to her about it and she didn't want to hear me. i felt so disgusted by her action. i didnt know how, but my father found out about it and they didnt talk for days. and guess what? she blamed me.

it had happened more than a decade ago, but it seriously left a scar on me. i like when my friends talk about they relationships, but i feel disgusted if someone has feelinh for me.

so, yeah. it lead to the event yesterday.
my mom still talk to random stranger she met on fb or ig. My sister and I knew about this but we never really talk about this. probably just a few time in the past. and all she said was "it's normal to call ur friends by darling,honey etc." yes, it probably normal. but its different when i think about what she did.

and then, i saw their message by accident. and that man call my mother as darling,honey whatsoever. this man already had contact with my mother for as lonh as i could remember. i told my sister. and when i went away, my mom asked my sister to do smth with her messanger. and she saw it.

so, she talked to her. my mom with her arguments keep telling her its just normal etc. till my sister said that she block someone who my mom been talking to in the past. why? cuz this man is married and have a few months old baby. and it led to VCS.

and also this man who occasionally ask to lend him money. we already know he have bad intention to begin with. my mom would block him sometimes and unblock him over again

and my mom got angry at us for telling her to stop contacting random guy. we think it isnt normal to talk about something explicit with random guy like that although they didnt meet. but still we think its so wrong.

I already talk with my mom last night, but she doesnt stop to talk behind my sister back. like, they want us to hear but doesnt want to talk face-to-face with us.

she likes to hear this debate religion even let us hear. she's a teacher who teach about our religion. but she just cant stop trash talk us. telling us we just being so sensitive, act as if we're so innocent.

but she's afraid to let my father know -_-

so, am i wrong? ._.
How you point out sins to others can make a big difference in how they respond, with kindness and regret at having to bring it up mostly. Flirting with others when you are married can lead to lustful thoughts which Jesus condemned as sinful as committing the action. Now sometimes there can be friendly talking that means nothing and no lust is involved. I live in the south where many people will say "honey", "dear", and other terms of endearment without meaning there is lust behind those words. Peoples intent, whats in their heart, and mind is what leads to sinful thoughts and more. There is no easy answer to your question, but there is a good chance she might have gone to far in her words. Yet be gracious with your mother and dont disrespect her or spend a lot of time spying on her. Most of all pray for her that if she is going to far in her words that God convict her, for God's conviction does a lot more good than any persons attempted conviction of others.

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