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my marriage

Hi! My problem is trying to figure out if I should stay in my marriage or not. About a month and a half ago I was drawn back to God !! I have been with my husband for 6 years, been married for 4 yrs. 9 months. We have had a rough time from the beginning. There has been verbal and physical abuse on both of our parts. I have been seeing a christian counselor and have recently started going back to church. I invited my husband to go to church but when he found out that my counselor goes there he thought it was a set up. It wasn't I just wanted him to go with me. I Love him very much but I don't see how we can keep going like this. We recently lost our house due to my mother filing for bankruptcy. We were buying on land contract from her and they still included the house as an asset. As of right now my daughter and I are staying with my grandparents and my husband is staying with his brother's family. I really don't want this marriage to end but I know that my daughter and I are much happier not living in the same house as him. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.:embarasse
Thank you strypes. I read I Corinthians chapter 7. This is something that I have been discussing with my counselor. I know what I have is a very hard decision ahead of me. One way or the other something has to change. I know my spiritual well being depends on it.
An update

This is just and update. I have made the decision to divorce my husband. I have prayed and have asked him to try to meet me half way but he refuses. He feels that he has done nothing wrong and it is all my problem. I had a dream that I spoke to my counselor about and she said that it was God talking to me and letting me know that he sees my pain and understands what is going on. It is very hard for a believer and a non-believer to make it work, especially when alcohol is involved.
u nned prayers

if u truely believe that HE is ur Lord i asjed u to pray in faith unto him and surely u shall have a way thru with ur situation. as much as we try to be perfect we cant lead our lives the way we want let Him be the lead in ur life amd seek Him always. He has a purpose for u so loose the bindings u are attached to and bind urselfs to Him that loves you. pray and fast ans mediatate upon this issue and He shall guide you thru. be blessed but b4 any desicions seek a divine intervention be blessed.
sur e ther is a private message set up afetr u log on check under ur info and u will see the set up there. god bless
I have done alot of praying and studying the Word. I go to see a christian counseler once a week. My husband is an alcoholic and an abuser. I have done everything in my power to keep my marriage together. I have turned it over to God and I truly believe he spoke to me thru my dream. I have just recently drawn back closer to the Lord. I have tried to share this with my husband but he violently refuses. He has become more controling than ever. I can not continue to be an enabler to his drinking and verbal abuse of myself and my daughter. We are all children of God and we have been bought and paid for by a very high price....Jesus dying on the cross. I know that God doesn't want to see me or my daughter go thru this pain and abuse anymore.