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My marriage

Brothers and siters you have been a great source of support for me these past few weeks. I am trying desperately to save my marriage. My wife and I are separated and it was my fault. I am trying to atone and hoping the Lord will ease her pain and anger so the love we had will overcome the work of the enemy.

I face many difficulties and though we get on well when we are left alone there are many in her life determined to keep us apart. I have turned the other cheek so often and been very hurt by malicious gossip. I accept my suffering and know it is nothing when we think of what Jesus suffered for us.

As a repentent sinner who is lonely and does not know what to do can I ask you to pray with me that my wife will be blessed with compassion and we can speak without interference from others. I have tried contacting her but receive no response which upsets me terribly. I trust in God , He is my hope and as these next days are crucial could I please ask, in your charity, for your prayerful support.

Thank You,

i hope everything will work out for yall......i'll keep you in my prayers......
God Bless,
Nicholas, I will be praying for both of you. You know you have a repentant heart & God knows it, but your wife may not yet. Pray for it to be revealed to her & that she will only hear the voice of God in this situation. Until she does, no amount of talking you do will really make a lasting difference. God has to change her heart just as He has changed yours.
Amen to that Sapphire. Nicholas, my prayers are still with you. May you know Gods deep and abiding presence with you. :love: sunshine307
Marriage Andrew, is one of the most complelling aspects of loving God. My marriage broke to pieces and I pray that yours doesn't. What I dearly try to focus on, is my love for Jesus and to make that first and foremost in my life.
I am sorry for you, that your marriage is facing so much difficulty. It won't help to ease the pain, but there are so many here at talkjesus and in the world of Christianity, that are having difficulties in their marriage too.
If only we could all reach for marriage as an accomplishment in the Lord, wouldn't that be a blessing?
Good luck Andrew and keep the Lord in your heart. He is the way and He will help you in the path that God has chosen for you.
God bless