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My lost twin

Can you prayer for my sister she has totaly left God and is livibg with and sleeping with a guy who is unsaved. She is not married to the guy and she wont talk about god any more just the guy and that it. She has rejected me as her bro and worse of she has rejected God.
Staff Member
I will pray for your sister brother. Keep your faith strong. Keep preaching to her but pray for her as much as you can.

GOD is merciful and will take her back if she repents.
DWBi God is using the Sitatuion i am sure to bring about somehtign better in life... :):)

God will Bless you in Many way's and your sister...

Love Simon!!!
Hello Brother - I will pray for you both.God is merciful , our refuge in times of distress.Your love for your sister will prevail and she will return into the arms of our ever merciful and forgivibg Saviour. Blessed be the name of Jesus.