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My Isabelle

When my daughter Isabelle was about 2 and a half years old she started to feel a little warm and that little warm turned into a high fever. Her fever went up so fast that had a Febrile Seizure. Thankfully we were already in the hospital. The nurse grabbed her out of my arms and swept her off to the trauma room, where she lay in critical condition. She was showing signs of distress, she was not breathing very well. The er doc said we might have to intubate, which means to put a tube down her throat to breath for her. I was terrified. I called my husband home from work, he rushed to the hospital, called our pastor he prayed over the phone with my husband. A helicopter from Cardinal Glennon Childrens came to get her. We love 2 hours away from Glennon, by the time we got to her, she was starting to respond. I had never in my life felt so helpless, but God was there right beside me and my little girl. I would just stare at her and say God please don't take her, please don't take my baby. God heard me, it wasn't Isabelle's time to go to God. Thank you Lord for saving my baby. In the name of Jesus Hallelujah