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My injured Knee

Please pray for me anyone who has the time. Even just a little 1min. one would be great. I have a knee injury and am having trouble walking. The specialist said "it could be breaking down" or "there might be something torn off and floating around in there". I'm having scans this week to find out exactly what's up.I pray that it will not be too serious because my family and I are going on a big trip to the USA leaving 1st of April. It's really important that my knee comes good before then. This is our once in a life time big trip I dont want to cause problems because of a bung knee. I'm praying for a miracle. I appreciate anyone else's prayers. Thanks guys. Krizzie
I look forward to my new body... the one that won't fall apart and let me down. The one that won't get sick or injured. Won't that be amazing????
God knows exactly what you need Krizzie, we will be praying for you!

I took a fall once and injured my hip, after several weeks, it got so bad I could`nt walk at all without being in sheer agony with every step. The doctor was giving me cortisone shots and meds, and nothing was helping. I know without a doubt God led me to come across the benefits of flaxseed oil for injuries, and after hours of research and a lot of prayer, I began to megadose it, four weeks later I had not a stitch of pain, and I was healed completely. (My doctor did`nt believe my story, he said the cortisone must have finally worked, considering it had been nearly 3 months since my last injection by that point, I said no way! :) Some may say, if it was God who healed you, He could have healed you without the oils, and without a doubt this is true. But could it also be God knew my body was lacking something very important to my health? Gods thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways, and He always answers our prayers, but not often in the way we expect Him too! I give God the Glory!

"Essential fats are so named because they are "essential" to our body's normal cell functioning, and we cannot produce them on our own; thus, they must be supplemented or consumed as part of our normal diets.
EFA's are required for our overall health, including proper metabolism, energy production, regulation of cell functions, and healing of tissues and injuries. Flaxseed is one of the "best" readily available sources of EFA's. Flaxseed contains a very important substance known as omega-3 fats, labeled by many leading nutritionists as "the fat that heals."

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