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my hobbies:)

I have many hobbies like reading (in specially I love reading The bible and other Christian books), doing sport, learning foreign languages, writing,but my biggest hobby is MUSIC. It is part of my soul, of my life, of my feelings and it doens't pass even a day without listening to some music. I also adore to sing and to compose my own songs. My favourite genre is Christian music obviously:)
hi christina
i am brother abdellah from morocco ,i liked your add and your interests especialy when you said : i like to read the bible,reading the bible is something good for every christian in every day .
sister i hope you will accept my friendship ,and if it is ok let me hear from you soon.
hi christiana,

i like your hobbies, sounds alot like me
may God bless you
I like learning foreign languages as well. I am currently learning Spanish at school and I am really enjoying it.
Christina, your hobbies are really great, we share some of the same. I also enjoy reading Christian books. I am reading a book called 'Truth Unplugged' by Honor books, it is a book full of different situations that we deal with in our daily lives and ways to get around them by using the Word of God, I would recommend the book to anyone and everyone.
I also enjoy learning languages and learning about different cultures and traditions of the world.
God bless
If i may suggest a good Christian book, try "B is for bad at getting into Harvard." It is about this girl named Nolie who relies on her Christian friends to help her with the situation that some of the students are pressuring her into: cheating on tests. I highly recommend it. My hobbies are watching sports on tv and playing backyard football. I also love reading christian books.
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