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My hard heart .

I stood before my Jesus so hurt and lost . I trusted nobody and had no more love to give . I threw my heart down on the floor before him and said no more will I try . My heart felt like stone in my hands as I held it . When it hit the floor , my heart broke into a million pieces right before my eye's . I fell to my knees in hopless sorrow as I cried before the Lord .

I knew I could not go on . My heart was destroyed because I gave it freely to all who needed it . I just wept in despair . All was lost . Just then , I felt a hand on my shoulder . As I slowly looked up to see who would bother with me anymore , I saw it was Jesus ! He had in his hand my broken heart , with every piece in it's right place . He handed it to me and as I felt it , my heart was soft and smooth . I asked him why he was doing this for me . Jesus spoke to me saying , your heart is now ready , for it needed to be broken and destroyed so that I may give you a heart like my own . Now go , and sin no more .

I pray that all who are heavy in their hearts , or bound with hate and anger , would throw down your heart of stone , and let Jesus Christ restore your heart with his very own life . Peace brothers and sister . love Mike
Mike, that is so awesome. What an awesome God that He can take our hearts and make them like His. This reminds me that we do indeed stand before a risen Saviour, who loves us so much.