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My great Aunt Shirley

I know I have posted a lot of prayer requests please forgive me if it's an inconveniece to anyone or feel it's becoming too much.:girl_hug:

I just had a prayer request for my great aunt Shirley. She is suffering from stage four cancer(the worst stage it can be at). We got a call on Sunday night from my Grandma. She told us it was a total shock they never expected this. Anyways if you would please pray for her comfort now as she is on her last days.

They are sending her home from the hospital pretty much to just say her goodbyes. She is a believer and for that I'm eternally grateful!:love: She also has an adopted daughter and granddaughter so they will feel this loss the greatest. I feel that I'm there in spirit although I can't be in body.
Hi 3nails=love,

I will be praying for you and your family. You love for them is a precious gift. May God bless you all, holding you very near to Him.
Dear sister . You have no need to be sorry . There can never be too many prayers .

I am thankful for this sister Lord , and her consistancy in intercession for all the saints and even those who are unsaved Lord . Lord , you have marked all our days , and all our live's are in your hands .

I ask for your presence Jesus , through your Holy Spirit , over all that is asked here Lord . May your Peace be with all involved , and may your rewards be great , according to your promise . I thank you for hearing the hearts cry of all your children , in Jesus name ... Amen .
Thank you so much! You don't know how much this means to me, really. I can feel that the Lord's secure arms are carrying her through this dark time of her life. I am greatly blessed to have such people to lift this petition to the throne of grace! God be praised.
I will be praying for her and her adopted daugher and grandchild.
By the way, don't be shy to post a prayer request. That is why we are here.
your sis in Christ, Julie.:love:

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