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My grandma had a stroke...

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Yesterday, at lunchtime, we had grandma over for lunch and while she was here, she had a mild stroke. She's in the hospital now, and she seems to be all right...they're doing tests on her this morning. Please be in prayer for her...at the beginning of last month, grandad passed away, so I think that might have been what brought part of this on. :\
will be praying for her. That God restores complete health to her body. keep us updated on how she is.
Thanks so much...:) I'll keep everyone updated. One thing that I forgot to mention was that when they were checking her out, the doctor said he could hear something in her neck which he suspected was a clogged artery. That's what the tests this morning were all about.

We'll be heading to the hospital sometime this afternoon, after we're sure that she's free from tests, so when we get back, I'll post more. :)
Thanks for the prayers everyone. :) We didn't actually get to go to the hospital today...grandma had a lot of tests done on her today, and we didn't see any reason to be there when we couldn't even see her, so (It's about and hour and a half to go, so about three hours total driving). :\ Anyhow, just wanted to let you guys know we will DEFINITELY be going tomorrow. Don't know when we'll be able to bring her home though; I hope it's soon, in a way, but I hope they keep her for a while, too, so they can make sure they know what they're looking at.

Thanks again!


Got back from visiting grandma earlier. :) She's doing well...the doctor said that there is 77% blockage in one of the arteries in her neck, but they can't do surgery to clean it out yet until the old stroke has time to heal; they're going to have her on blood-thinners and give it several weeks before they attempt it...apparently, doing otherwise could quite possibly cause the old wound to potentially cause another stroke.

She's doing very well, so I think there's not much to be worried about at this point. Prayers are still very much appreciated. ^^
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Grandma was released from the hospital a while back, but she's back in the hospital again, because she was showing signs of another stroke. They want to do surgery now, and it's for tomorrow morning, at either 7:30 or 8:15. We have to be there early to see her before she goes in for surgery, which means we have to leave here around 3:30-4:00. Please be praying that it all goes well...this might be the last time we see her. Thanks in advance...

EDIT: Sorry for the double-post, btw...I didn't know if the thread would show as having something new in it or not if I just edited the old one.
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...and I guess I don't know how to edit posts, but here's what's new with grandma:

The surgery went well and grandma's very drowsy, but fine. We didn't really get much of a chance to talk to her afterward, but at least we know she's well. Will let you know more after we see her tomorrow. :)
Grandma's doing fine now...she's kinda hoarse, but all in all, everything's great. They released her from ICU and gave her a regular room for now. She should be able to return home in the next few days. :) Thanks for the prayers!
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