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Staff Member
By: Chad A

I am the Lord your GOD, your Savior
I died on the Cross to pay for your behavior
I shed my blood in tears, joy and pain
I knew my sorrows and hurt but I did not refrain

I see your anger and I know the hurts deep in you
I am GOD Almighty of Peace, I paint the days blue
I forgive, forget and forgive again, you must do the same
Do not call me Lord when you disregard my Truth in shame

I am a GOD of wrath and a GOD of love for who believe
You say I love you Lord, but you make my heart grieve
I look down from the Heavens at your hate and fight
I see you say "speak Truth" after you turn off the light

How long will you quarrel like powder in a barrel?
How long will you talk before you learn the righteous walk?
How is it you can be so full of love and misery?
How will you preach Good News when you've shorted the fuse?

I AM, I the Lord have spoken many times I say "I the Lord have spoken"
You the sinner have broken many times my commands you've broken
You rebuke each other, your own sisters and your own brothers
I GOD Almighty rebuke you for your hypocrisy and pride
You aggravate my Spirit, you torment my Bride

I command you to drop your old man and once again put on the new
I the Lord am wrathful but loving, the Truth remains to hold true
Do you wish to please me? Then obey this simple thing
Do not give way to your flesh like a demon of mood swings

I love you my child, you must learn to obey my laws
I have not forsaken you, you forsook me with your flaws
I remain here with open broken heart for you disobey love
Your ways is like clipping the wings of the Holy Spirit dove

Look at your brother and cherish your sister too
There is one life to live and prove Christ within you
The White Throne judgment day is nearer than you see
You will give a testimony before my throne as I already spoke thee

Do you not fear this shame that you will bear upon your soul?
Your spirit was dead until I paid your debt, your due toll
Stop your anger, your hate your mantle of gossip and lies
For I the Lord Almighty see the hearts with my own pure eyes

I AM, I have spoken - The Lord has spoken thee to you
You are without a single excuse, do not make up two
You hate then you murder so which fate will be for thee?
If you seek Truth from the Heavens then you shall seek Me
Chad . Thank you for that poem . I know this was just written , and it has come from deep within you're heart . Yesterday was a devilish mess ! I will think deeply about what you wrote here today . In warfare , many get wounded , but many get healed ! Finding the balance is the hardest part . Mike :computer: