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My friend Holly has problems...

Ok, yesterday I went to my moms neighborhood where my two friends live well...

she moved with her best friend for eight years with and they are both 21. She smokes weed and she is dating this guy named Richie. He has 2 children with two different woman and one on the way. Not sure of age he looks like 18-19ish. The first time I met this dude was like he is no good, he wants sex and girls and that is it and doesn't work. I think he made her smoke weed. I've know her since elementary school since 1987.


give me some advice please!
it doesn't look good that she is dating a 18-19ish boy since she is 21. Is Holly a christian? I'll pray for Holly. She needs to get out of that boy she is dating! Start to take her to church if you can do it .
Staff Member
I will pray for her too. Sorry for the late response.
Oh yeah they aren't together anymore and I am so happy for that she is dating someone else that live in my old area Southwest Philly. Thank you and I was praying for her too.

Love, Diana31483