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My FOURTH testimony!

Yeah, I forgot to include this testimony in.... When my second son John was born... I had an elective c-section... And they gave me what they call Spinal Anesthesia, and after the surgery everything was fine. So then... when I got home, I couldn't lift or bend my leg at all. I was gonna sue the hospital for malpractice, because the right side of back was hurting really bad, and it was only my RIGHT leg I couldn't lift or bend. But something in me told me to be still. I still went back to the hospital where I had the surgery, I told them about the problems I had with my leg, and the anesthesiologist told me it is a "muscle" problem, it has nothing to do with the nerves, STILL something in me was telling me that the anesthesiologist was saying that so I wouldn't sue. So, he gave me some medication that would cause me drowsiness, and prevent me from taking care of my kids properly, so I put the pills up, but I never took NOT ONE of them. So then, one night, I was in the tub, taking my bath, like I usually do, after I put the kids down to sleep, and I was listening to this Pastor on the radio... Here in NYC, there's a Pastor named Pastor Stallworth that I listen to late at night at around... 12:30 in the morning. So then, as I was listening to him preaching the word, and praying for people, I heard a voice saying to me, "lift your leg, my child"... so then I lifted my leg up out of the water, and I was amazed that I was able to lift it! And then I heard the voice again, saying... "Now bend your leg, my child", so then I did as the voice instructed me, and I was able to bend it! So then, I quickly got out the tub after I washed up, and then I ran in the bedroom to show my husband, and he told me, wow... that's amazing! After seeing I was able to run in place, and lifted and bend my legs. Then I ran back out into the kitchen, and I started dancing and praising God, and I just kept telling him thank you. The joy I felt that night was indescribable (Sp). :thumbs_up :shade:
Thank you so much for replying to both of my testimonies. I didn't want it to seem like I was "whining" about people not replying because i'm not like that, however, I just found it odd that every other testimony was replied to except for mine. But I still praise God everyday for what he has done and is STILL doing for me. He is just so awesome.
Praise God !! Thank you for sharing. God works in great ways!!
May God continue to richly Bless you.!! :love: