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My Former Life

As a child I was with out a dad. My grandpa hated me and told me every time he seen me I am a bum. I am good for nothing bum. I will amount to nothing. In school they said I will never get past a secound grade reading level. They also said I will never graduate. That the worlds view of me.

God view I love you you are my son. I will be your Father, I will protect you. I am the Father to the fatherless. I will make you the head and not the tail. I graduate and have a 12 th grade reading and comprahation.

God gave me two parents who love me and brought me up right. They raised me since I was 11 years old. At the age of 11 Ionly thought of death and read book about death. I hated God and only though God was in the cold dead church. Never heard of God or any thing good about Him. To me it was just a farse a fake empty shell with hate in side thats my image then of God. I cut my vien open hoping only to die and end me misery of life on Earth. To me no one know or even cared if they know. God know and cared He made the glass go away and stoped the bleeding. he told me he loved me. To me how can you love me I hated you so much. When I said though word I felt his love it was like he was holding me like I was His baby and He was my Dad. My dad when I was 5 he throw me across the floor and cut my face up.

God said dont die for you sont know the greatist love. I know God was reall at that time and there was no dobt there and I know some one loved me for the first time. My life finally had meaning to it. It was to love God and serve God with my life. I hope this Blesses some one out there and sees God loves them no matter the sin no matter what he just ask for you to change from it. to repent.

My real name is John and I like how one of the John is in the Bible he is out spoken and will not hind from the truth. I will post more later about me. Laters and God bless

what an awesum testimony of how God bought u thru ur life...

thanx 4 sharing John!!!

may God Bless u abundantly!!
Good on ya,
most peopel though think that thier Testimony is NOTHIGN compaired to other ppl's liek this kinda thing.

was born did drug's bad stuff met Jesus @ 7 and hey Life just changed and now here i am.

some peopel think that that kinda Testimony is NOTHGIn compaired to other's. but yours is COOLIO, Good on ya God. i like it, and i am kinda liek one of the Speechless people ATM reading your's.

Love simon!!!