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My favorite Christain Artist

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New Member
Since I was about 12 I have loved Steven Curtis Chapman's music. I am not one to be a "fan" of anyone's. I guess I am his. I never had his face plastered on any of my walls growing up, but I have respected his music. He really does have a close walk with God and I respect that.

Another reason I respect him, is that he and his wife adopted three (I think) children from China. I have strong feelings for htat country, and wish to do that myself some day.

He is also down to earth and that is cool!
New Member
Steven Curtis Chapman is a great man. You can clearly tell through his music that

he loves the lord with all his heart. I didn't know he adopted 3 kids from China,

thats cool! It would almost be impossible to pick a favorite song but if you had too

what would be your favorite song by Steven Curtis Chapman
New Member
Darlene Zschech, steve Chapman, jars of clay, Michael W Smith, man, i could go on. As long as the singers do it for God and in truth, the music they bring does for me
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New Member

Y'all people got some great choice in music. I also like Third day, DC talk,steven curtis chapman, and caedmon call. I also like the group called Switchfoot. They are not a christian band but they believe in christ jesus. I listen to them alot now.
New Member
Michael W. Smith has always been my very favorite. I've also really enjoyed Carman, DC Talk, Stephen Curtis Chapman...hm... with most music though, I don't usually pay attention who sings it. It'd be easier to name my favorite songs. But I have been to a LOT of Michael W. Smith concerts over the past 20 years. :shade:
New Member
I've been listening to Decyfer Down lately. I can relate to a lot of their songs. As a matter of fact, I'm rockin and writin right now!

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