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My favorite Christain Artist

Discussion in 'The Library' started by danni, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Since I was about 12 I have loved Steven Curtis Chapman's music. I am not one to be a "fan" of anyone's. I guess I am his. I never had his face plastered on any of my walls growing up, but I have respected his music. He really does have a close walk with God and I respect that.

    Another reason I respect him, is that he and his wife adopted three (I think) children from China. I have strong feelings for htat country, and wish to do that myself some day.

    He is also down to earth and that is cool!
  2. Steven Curtis Chapman is a great man. You can clearly tell through his music that

    he loves the lord with all his heart. I didn't know he adopted 3 kids from China,

    thats cool! It would almost be impossible to pick a favorite song but if you had too

    what would be your favorite song by Steven Curtis Chapman
  3. My favortie christian ARtist(s)

    Michael Sweet and Darlene Zschech, oh yes and Rita Springer :note:
  4. I love...

    Howard Hewett
  5. I love:

    Hillsong united
    Parachute Band
  6. I love anything by Derek Webb/Caedmon's Call
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    Darlene Zschech, steve Chapman, jars of clay, Michael W Smith, man, i could go on. As long as the singers do it for God and in truth, the music they bring does for me
  8. my favs

    Josh Garrels - Sufjan Stevens - Bodies of Water :zip:
  9. I like;
    Chris Tomlin
    Kari Jobe
    Third Day
    Jeremy Camp
    Nataline Grant
    new artist Joy Lippard
  10. hey

    Y'all people got some great choice in music. I also like Third day, DC talk,steven curtis chapman, and caedmon call. I also like the group called Switchfoot. They are not a christian band but they believe in christ jesus. I listen to them alot now.
  11. Rebecca St. James
    Big Daddy Weave
    Todd Agnew
  12. I'd have to say Phil Driscol and Ron Kenoly.
  13. I also have favorite Gospel artists.
  14. Misty Edwards...
  15. I have not got a lot of Christian art, but I am now going to start.
  16. Michael W. Smith has always been my very favorite. I've also really enjoyed Carman, DC Talk, Stephen Curtis with most music though, I don't usually pay attention who sings it. It'd be easier to name my favorite songs. But I have been to a LOT of Michael W. Smith concerts over the past 20 years. :shade:
  17. MWS rocks!!!
  18. Ahh. umm well. Just a few that I like.

    Decyfer Down, Hyms of Eden, Hawk Nelson, We as Human, Demon Hunter, and Ivoryline.
  19. I've been listening to Decyfer Down lately. I can relate to a lot of their songs. As a matter of fact, I'm rockin and writin right now!
  20. of course, heavenly music is pretty good...

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