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My Family

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New Member
Please pray for my parents and my brother. My mom is pagen and she has spellbooks and all sorts of scary items in her room dealing with paganism... My brother is pagen, too. I'm not for sure if my dad is Christian or not but I do know that he gets angry at my mom and me, alot. When he is home all he does it yell at us. It scares me and I don't want to lose any of them. Thank you so much.

New Member
Hey Mel. We're praying for your family. I know how it is to have family that isn't saved. My two oldest brothers aren't saved (you know that) and if you're talking about family like cousins and stuff. . . .My mom's side isn't the happiest bunch of campers. At family reunions you think you're walking into a smoke house the room is so full of smoke.

We'll be praying for your family. You know what you have to do to influence them and show them what a Christian is like. Just show them God by living God. Show them God and God's love in your life. God bless.


(Have I been forgetting to say God bless at the end of my posts? How could I forget that???)
Staff member
I will pray for you marschicky and your family. Don't you worry. God is all powerful and can do anything He pleases. He pleases to bring everyone to eternal life through Jesus and will work His way through this situation of yours. Keep your faith young lady.

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