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My Dog went insane

I had a dog when I was a boy... I named him Stay.
It was such fun to play with Him. I can still remember calling him...

"Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!"

Sadly He went insane. I still don't know why?

Staff Member
Ok, shame on me - I did not know your name, let alone being Bob :)

That was a funny joke. My dog's name is Lucky. Nothing funny about that unfortunately LOL :p
that was cute ! My friend had a cat named stupid ( I know very sad but funny we were teenagers) Well any how I took my friend home one night and when I left I was about a block away well ummm.... I hit the cat. Well thank goodness the cat was okay and ran away well here I am standing outside my cad in the street with all this people out on there porches (because it was nice outside) Yelling
" HERE STUPID HERE KITTY HERE STUPID" well I got a lot of bad looks and people where grumbeling "you are the one that hit it and now you are calling it stupid" lol lol ok sorry bye lol
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PastorT said:
"Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!"

Pastor T

Do you have a problem making up your mind??? :confused:

( To which I hear you reply : "Well----Yes and No!" )


ICHTHUS Likes it... LOL

funny stuff i guess you coudl say!!!!