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My daughter

My daughter is struggling in school.her frustration is causing her to be hard to handlein class.please pray for her to understand the subjects she is being tought and that her teacher find compation for her instead of being mean to her


Hi Carey, Every child is different in this world, but the system bunch
them together as though they should progress exactly the same.
The system judges children although they are doing their best.
Some children are born intelligent or have a good memory and some aren't
I brought my children up to do their best, if then they fail, they have past
in my eyes, irrespective of the result. My mum always said you cannot get
blood out of a stone.
My daughter is a teacher and understands that all children are different and
some come from diverse back grounds, so the ones that are struggling she
gives them extra help and encouragement, (my daughter is a Christian) makes
a big difference.
To conclude your daughter must do her best, anything short of that is not
acceptable , you as a parent should spend a lot of time helping her.
Don't let the system categorise her, or believe it.
She must do what she should be doing at her age, not wasting time doing
things she shouldn't be doing.
She has to get her head down and work hard and show them the improvement
that she has made, but first of all do it for herself.
Who knows what gifts God has given her, she may make a difference to
this world and set a good example for others.
It's lovely that you have posted, it's obvious that you are a loving parent
and want the best for your child and be happy.

I pray that your daughter brings out the best in her, in all her endeavours,
and smile and not to react to adversity in the knowledge that Jesus is with
her and will always love her.

With Love, Wnl
My daughter is struggling in school.her frustration is causing her to be hard to handlein class.please pray for her to understand the subjects she is being tought and that her teacher find compation for her instead of being mean to her
Hi Carey,

Aren't kids a pain? You love them to bits, so when they hit problems you feel more for them than if it were you yourself in that situation. More so when your daughter isn't handling her situation well and seems to be sinking and hitting out at others, causing grief in the class, a downward spiral. It seems that she's not getting much help from teachers who've written her off as a pain and treat her badly, which doesn't do much for your daughter's ego and self confidence.

Might I suggest that this is actually an opportunity and a lot of good can come out of it? You need to sit down with your daughter, maybe take her out for a meal, and explain to her the differences between the frustrations of struggling to cope when clearly you can't and having the help, guidance, support and solution from one whose stupidity and forgetfulness would be far more advanced than all of her teachers working together could ever hope to achieve - 1 Corinthians 1:25. This guy loves her, wants her and is calling her so that He can give her that boost so that she can crack this thing, and of course all her other situations and problems she'll come across in her life ahead. So much better than stressing and pulling your hair out!

Then set out a plan and agree it with her. Your daughter obviously needs additional help that her teachers probably can't give due to time constraints. So is this something that you can help her with, giving her additional coaching? I know you may not be flush with time yourself but it would be well worth finding or making time, say 4 - 5 hours a week to sit with her. There are lots of free resources on the web, have a look at Homework Help as well as YouTube videos. If you could spend an hour or so a couple of nights a week and another couple Saturday and Sunday, you'd see a difference in a month or so and a massive improvement by the end of next term. Before each session see if your daughter is OK if you could say a short prayer beforehand asking for God to lead, help and guide.

Go and see her teachers or the head and tell him/her of your plan and ask them to cut your daughter a bit of slack and maybe they can contribute with some past exam papers or other resources.


Dear Lord God, please help Carey's daughter; she's got a major problem. She really needs a saviour who loves her even more than her mum does, one who can be with her all the time, who's all powerful and in total control, giving her the peace and sure knowledge that her life is mapped out in intricate detail so that all things work together for her good. Lord God, you are that saviour, there is no other. Please Lord God, with your Holy Spirit, work on her, opening her eyes to her problems and to realise and see the solution that only you can give.

Lord we pray for her schooling. We pray for Carey and ask that through your Holy Spirit you'll give her the miracle of wisdom to help coach her daughter so that she can catch up with her peers and get some really good exam results. We pray that her daughter will soon find out for herself that life led by you is so much easier and fulfilling than anything the world can offer.

Lord we ask this because you and I love our sister Carey so much, we hate to see her so upset at her daughter's situation and treatment. Please Lord, deal with it.


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