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My daughter

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My daughter will be 11 months old tomorrow. She has always had trouble drinking formula and ive tried 3 different kinds. When i went to the doctor for one of her check ups she told me that maybe i should mix half of her formula with half breast milk. Ive been doing that for months and its been working for her. She dont spit up like she does with just formula. Now she has to go to her dads once a week so i send 6 bottles with her and then her aunt will take a couple more for her. I just got a message saying that she has most of them left so her dad isnt giving her the bottles how she is used to. I dont want her to start getting sick again because he dont want to do it the way we have done it at my house.
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remember the Lord and His peace for you so that you are able to think more clearly about this.

praying for your little one and her dad and you

Bless you ....><>