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My daughter again

I know some of you were praying for my daughter as she was in hospital in America having her gall-bladder removed earlier this month. Could I please ask you to pray for her again please. She is back at bible school again but one of her wounds has become infected and has been bleeding. She's been at the ER yesterday and today and they've given her antibiotics. If it's no better tomorrow (Sunday) she will have to be admitted and given IV antibiotics. Will you please pray that God's will be done. Thank you. :love:
yes, that sounds awful for her, and you.

Father, please give sunshines daughter comfort and every help you have in her time of need.

i thank you that the Holy spirit is our comforter and counseler and that nothing we go through is anything you cant relate to.

i thank you that you are a gentle healing God as well as a mighty and awesome creator and i ask that you would ease her pain and give comfort to her and sunshine.

thank you, loving lord,
She is the Lord's and He will give you and her peace in the mist of this storm.

He is watching over her.

Mike and I will be praying.

:love: your sister in Christ,

Thank you sisters, my daughter is not long back from the ER. The doctor says he is amazed at how healed up the wound is from yesterday. It's back to its normal colour, and she's just to finish the course of antibiotics and use
hot compresses. He was really worried yesterday at having to bring her into hospital. What an awesome God. Thank you Father for your healing power.
Praise His Holy Name.
I am happy for you! amen sunshine!

Psa 138:8 The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever:

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