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My Dad is Dying Now!

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I just got off the phone with my sister
Marie in Colorado.

She said my Dad, who has been very
ill for the past year, has very labored
breathing, his heart is barely beating
and he is 'not' responding to 'ant' type
of stimulus!!

He did ask Jesus in his heart last year
as he prayed with Marie!

Pray for God's will either to take him to
Glory quickly today\tonight or whatever
God's will is!

Pray for God's comfort and Peace for Marie,
her husband Doug and the rest of the family!

I toild her to call tonight no matter what time!

Thank you!

I will keep you updated!

God Bless!

I am agreeing with you in prayer Set Free and will be lifting you and your family up as well. May God's peace overwelm you and your whole family.
Lord enfold this family in the comforting presence of your Holy Spirit and pray your will be done in Jesus name.
God bless you Joe
Dear God we pray for Joes father that he will not suffer any longer and that you will take him into your loving peace if that is your will . Also we pray for Joe and his family that you will give them peace knowing that he will be with you.In Jesus name we ask this. Amen
Lord be close:love:
Stay close to this family.:love:
Unite their hearts in peace and Love at this difficult time:boy_hug: :girl_hug: .
You are with them, may they be secure in that your arms enfold them at this time.:love:

Staff Member
Faith is key. I will pray for your father and family. Thank GOD for His grace that your father accepted Jesus Christ.

Although times are hard, we should celebrate the grace in Jesus Christ when one (eventually) passes from the earth and into the glorious presence of our Lord Savior!

God bless you, faithfully.
Set I recently went through this with my Dad, from my heart and in the Spirit I am praying for your father and your family.
Hi Set free,

I will certainly keep you in my prayers. May the Lord give to you and your family the strength and peace during this time. God bless.

Joe, may the Lord be of comfort to you and your family

God Bless you

I'll keep you in my prayers


Dear Joe,
You have my sincere condolences. I pray for strength for you and your family through this difficult time.
May God Bless you all.
Love Eve:boy_hug: :girl_hug:
I Love You Guys!

You have all touched the depths of my heart, spirit
and my very being!!!!

You got me to cry! I haven't shed tears in a long
time! It felt great!

I felt the Presence of God and the tenderness of the
Holy Spirit comforting me!

My wife and son are asleep, have been for hours!

I'm alone again facing another loved one ready to
embark on life's greatest adventure in this life, to
see and have Christ's loving arms outstretched
waiting to embrace another Child of God that has
come home!!!

My Dad and I as I grew up never got along! He
was very abusive to me and would beat me bad
at times! He was fighting 'inner' demons that my
Mom never told me about! He was a perfectionist
and he would 'push' me to the limit! That was
good and bad! It forced me to become very hard
and self sufficient at an early age.

When I got saved my Dad mocked me and my Jesus
along with my loving Christian wife. He did this for
many years.

I have long been delivered by God's power of a hurt
and wounded spirit! There is 'no' unforgiveness in my
heart for my father! God has replaced all the pain and
wounds by His 'Balm' of Healing and Love!

I wish I could tell him one last time before he leaves
his earthly vessel, I have told him many times as a
Christian, but he never heard it!

Now I pray that the Holy Spirit could go into that room
where he is lying in that hospital. And whisper these
words for me.

"Sal, Joe really loves you with all of his heart!!!!":love:

This is the scripture that came to my spirit as I read
your posts.

Psalms 116:15: Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death
of his saints.

Maybe someone can send me a pm I could really use
one! I'm always hurting in my body with this disability
and wish I could help my wife and son financially!

I am hoping, praying and truly 100% believe that Jesus'
return is soon! I can't wait to see it all happen! How
about you?

I can't wait to fall into my loving Lord and Savior's arms!

I can't wait to see all the believers of God from Adam to the
when the 'trumpet' blows!

And I can't wait to see my Mom cancer free that I never
got a chance to say " I love you Mom one last time!"

And all the rest of my family who were Christians.

One day I believe, not too,too much longer we will all be
re-united with our loved ones sitting in that great Hall
of the Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit and Our Lord
Jesus Christ enjoying each others company for all of

Praise God forever more!

I love you guys! You are all I got!

Your brother in Christ,

Joe Russo
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