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My Church

Hey everyone @ Talk Jesus!!!

I just wanted to ask the members here to remember Dannielles (amazn_gurl) and My church. We need your prayers bad, a lot you of you know the situation. I don't feel lead to tell everything, but I know that God knows everything and he will help us through this.

Thank you in advance for your Prayers, support and encouragement!

God bless you always!

Love in Christ,

Staff Member
I'm missing out, whatever happened please pm me about it so I'm in the loop.

In my prayers for sure. God bless you sister
I'm praying for you guys

Hey Jenn:
I know this situation at your Church must be very hard on you, Dannielle, and the rest of your Church. I also know that God will make the best out of this too. My Church in Iqaluit has been praying for your former pastor and for your congregation as a whole. I know He will be with you all during this time and that He will provide godly leadership. I will continue to be praying for you guys.

Blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Talk to God

I talk to God and listen for His voice. Sometimes I hear it. Sometimes I see symbols or pictures in my minds eye. Sometimes I get nothing. I yearn for that ongoing dialog. Anyone else experience this?

Thank You!
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Sometimes I get nothing. I yearn for that ongoing dialog. Anyone else experience this?

What do you mean by ongoing dialogue? Are you speaking of a constant stream of communication from God to you? Not even Jesus had that level of communication from the Father (see Mt 27:46).

What I meant was that when I prayed, then listened, I would hear or see a reply; A two way conversation. That's what I yearn for in prayer. "Ongoing" is probably a bad choice of words. I don't think my brain could handle a constant stream of communication.