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My call to become a missionary too

I just read shaunas testomony on how she knew she was called to become a missionary and was inspired to write this:
I understand that call. When I was nine years old, I was at church. They played some Billy Graham movie that I can't remmeber. Anyway, it was about I think three missionaries in different places and reporters going and reporting on their work. I didn't know where at the time God would have me go. When I got old enough, I went on mission trips. I saw many people who had nothing, but were happy because they had Jesus. I saw little kids run after our trash when our group left a town. The treated it like it was the best stuff. Those trips made me more on fire for the Lord and made me renew my commitment to missions. After high school, I went to a Bible College in Tennessee and majored in missions. There I also got a certificate in TESOL.(Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages.) After college, I decided to spend a year in Asia. There I taught English as a Second Language for one year. It was awesome. God set me on fire for these people. Its been five years ago since I came back, but I"m still in contact through internet with a couple of my friends from there. To make a long story short. Since then, I have gotten my master's degree in TESOL. I have also gotten married. Now I live in Florida and teach in two colleges. I teach many people English from all over the world. I am not doing exactly what I thought I'd be doing, but I know God is using me and for that I am happy.
As it is said in Jerimiah about plans that he has for us not to harm us but for us. Our God is a good God. There are so many people who need him!
In Him,
Staff Member
Thanks for sharing sister. GOD is an awesome GOD without a doubt. Its nice to see how He used you on the missions. I sense your great zeal for GOD as well, this is awesome too. We all need to be on fire for the Lord no matter what our circumstances are nor what our days have ahead of us.

God bless you
Wow! God does speak to His children... i just got back from my first mission trip, im 19 years old and ive been a christian for almost 2 years... and im not sure what God wants me to do.. but i know He wants me on missions, He's been writting it in the sky since i left my house a month ago hahahahahahahaha, i dont know if im excited or scared, but it feels good to know the KING OF THE WORLD wants you! and that yiou are part of His plan!

Love you in Christ