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My brothers don't want to go back.....

Well my family and I have done home church for about 9 yr. b/c my dad felt like that's what God was calling him to do, but now he feels like God said that it is time to go back to the church...and my sister and I are all for it!!! But my brothers are not wanting to go......and we have now been going for about 2 months...but we have to drag my brothers out the door.....And I don't know what to do...I am praying that they will want to go...but I don't if it's just that they have not been in a church in so long that they forgot what it's like to fellowship with other Christians....or are they just scared to go...or is it just not Gods timing for them? What do I do??? :confused:
Hey Bekah, it's hard. just keep your prayers going. God will answer them. In my family, we kept praying about my brother. I don't even know what he was into, I heard many rumors, don't know the truth, don't know if i want to know the truth. But God has brought him back. Only prayers help. also, even though i love going to church and getting filled up, just going to church wont save you, says so in the Word. So going to church isn't the most important thing, yes that would be good for him to go and everything, but as long as He is on right terms with God and gave his heart to God, it isn't exactly nessasary. I mean it is, but just like i said earlier, it's not the most important thing. Well sorry if i just confused you. lol, it's hard for me to express it becuase i'm orrigionally russian. Well whatever, God bless you, hope you got something out of this. keep your prayers going, you'll see an answer soon. Bye
your sis, Tanya
hey dramaqueen. . . how old are your brothers. . . or you and your sister??
What is the church like and what do they offer for boys at this age???
GBU peeps
My brothers are....16...11....7...5...4...(the 5 yr old and 4 yr old always come it's just the olders one) And I'm 13 and my sister is 9. What do you mean what do they offer for the boys?
Staff Member
Prayer and prayer, more prayer. That's the key. Faith.