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My brothers child in the hospital

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by JohnPaul40, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Hi folks I have a prayer request for my brother Mark his son Carter who is only 2yrs old came up with a bad fever today. As the day went on the child started to convolse. please pray for Carter Joe and thank you
  2. Good news the little one is doing much better came home and is now resting peacfully with the family. Praise the Lord
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  3. I will still send prayers for Carter heavenward.
  4. I appreciate the prayers folks yeah Carter Joe went through this last year too so we are not for sure what is causing it but the little man came home last night about 3am. Everything is absolutly wonderful again I thank you all and most definitly our Loving Lord Jesus
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  5. @JohnPaul40
    Give God the glory!
    Continuing in prayer.
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  6. Thank you for that wonderful update @JohnPaul40

    Praise the Lord!
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