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my blessing

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when i was a small child i lived in very unhappy home,and i use to pray for a real family, years later god gave me that blessing five beautiful children, a wonderful husband, outstanding church family, and great inlaws. i give GOD the praise over that daily. foreverwjesus

Praise be His name that has given you wat u wanted and he shall forever be your saviour en mine. Glory be unto God for the wonders he has done for u en wat is still in store for u and ur family. Be Blessed
Foreverwjesus, I give thanks with you that God is so great and that he always provides for His children, despite how difficult things may start out. I feel your joy. Rejoice in the Lord always :)
blessed be the name of the Lord. blessed be that you never gave hope. blessed be the wonders of the god most high! only through him are all things done. thank you so much for that report, and i hope for more of those as i go along on this site!
What a testimony!

That is great to hear. We have a wonderful and loving God who answers prayers and then some. That gives me Jesus bumps!