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My Bible teaches me be anxious for nothing, only unbelievers heap anxiety and condemnation on others

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Us humans have got enough anxiety with things like finance, in this human system, health, in our physical existence here on earth, and family without other humans insinuating that God/Jesus is not able to provide peace for our hearts and minds in Him. Though mere humans may hypocritically judge and condemn the rest of us mere humans, my Lord and my God/Jesus will have mercy on whoever He wants to. None of us mere humans have any say in what God/Jesus does. We can only learn what He is like through the whole of what is written in the Bible, seek Him, and count on Him for our provision both here and hereafter forever.
As someone who has dealt with great anxiety and still fights battles, I could not agree more. Jesus is the ultimate power, nothing can withstand the beauty of his grace and wisdom. Nothing is too powerful for our lord. Amen.