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My account

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by childoffaith, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. When I tried to post in the shoutbox and enter the chat it tells me my account is not registered, even though I'm logged in. Has anyone experienced the same thing or know what to do? Thanks
  2. Yes I had the same experience, Dunno what to do?

    See ya 'round bud...

  3. It's happening to me too, but what is odd is I posted once today and then it said this:posting failed. You must be logged in with a registered name to post.

  4. Yes, it happened to me as well. Sorry, I don't know what to do about it though.........
  5. Ditto
    Sent bug notice so hopefully they'll see these postings as well and realize it not just lonely o me
  6. Happening here too.
  7. Yes happened to me too. I can't get into chat because it says i have to be logged in and I was already logged into the site, so im not sure what to do to fix it. this will be my first post so I hope it goes through.
  8. I have a feeling since this is all new...there will be a few bugs. :) Just need some more patience and grace :D
  9. Happens to me too...also I was in chat and everything that I type comes out looking like its censored. For example, this is supposed to read "What was that all about" only it looks like this: wha*** was ***ha*** all ab***u***? when I was talking to halva for a few minutes. I sent an email to Chad and he said that he was going to look into it for us.
  10. Let's all bear with it, there had been some major changes, Im sure Chad will work on those. Thanks for the info. :)
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    Regarding the chat each of the following letters: d o t are represented as 3 * each. So the word "dot" will look like ********* and the word "God" will look like G******. It's not too hard to figure out what others are saying once you know this. Hope this helps until the issue is resolved. :)

    Oh and also, I can use the shoutbox now, thanks Chad. :)

    EDIT: use c| or |) for "d", 0 for "o" and + for "t"
  12. Shout Box working!!! Gracias Hermano Chad
    Awesome Job Brother!

    Romans 5:3, 4
  13. Ironed out some minor bugs

    1. Shoutbox fixed
    2. Calendar fixed (was showing 2010 only)
    3. Album gallery fixed (members getting max filesize errors)
    4. Discuss Q&A area fixed (member permission errors)
    5. Chatroom filter should be fixed too
  14. Thanks! It's all fixed
  15. Thank you so much for working out the bugs in the picture gallery !!!
  16. then maybe the problem is my PC.. lol

    still i cannot post on the shout box...
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    Shoutbox down for me again :( Sorry Chad.

    And is there any way to make "***" the only "***" that is censored in the chat? Words like pass, class, assembly, assure, etc are also filtered. Not like this is the end of the world of course :)

    EDIT: Oh... well it works for posting! Good job on that!

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