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Muslims in the US

Staff Member
Interesting. I just have issue with them utilizing fertility rates as one of the denominators. It's like they are treating Islam like Jews. That by the virtue of their ancestry they automatically become that religion! I would think the predilection would be that a peak would be reached and then the American Culture that is deviant at best will begin to affect this religion as it has Christianity.

Then again the threat of the Conservative Muslim on their people to toe the line, I'm sure will decrease any great people movement away from religion. :(

Just some of my thoughts. ;)

Thanks for sharing brother. Interesting.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
But also know that the Lord is doing some mighty stuff over in the Middle East right now. There are tons of muslims over there that are getting personal visitations by the Lord Jesus and by His hand are converting to christianity at record rates in countries like Iran and elsewhere. I personally know an Iranian young man who's been over here for less than a year and has given his life to Christ within about 2 months of stepping foot on American soil. Change is afoot all over the place. Just because someone today is a muslim doesn't mean anything about who they will serve tomorrow.
News stories like this can be used to make people fearful, and fear can easily lead to hatred.

In the UK where I live Islam has been the second religion for decades - around 5% are Muslim. That's far higher than the US projections

For the most part, community relations are good, and we have a tremendous mission opportunity.